Home sports, if you fall off easily

Health Vitalitycross July 27, 2016 0 38
To be good in motion, you need no expensive gym membership, also at home and around the house, you can do some things that keep you fit, or help you lose weight without any special devices you need here for. With a little creativity and the right resources, there are many fun and often devise simple things.

Chores around the house

You may have never thought of it, but keeps the next time you have to do a job and do not feel like it in your mind that vacuuming and mowing the grass also move. If that is not a good motivation.

Hula hoop

Hooping is not just for children, everyone will be the better, with ten minutes propelling burn so quickly ?? s 100 kcal. In America makes hula hoop, hula hooping ?? or ?? his comeback. It is the latest fitness trend. By propelling you ensure smooth hips, a flatter stomach and train your endurance. You can buy a professional approach and professional hoop with instructional DVD, but you can simply go to the Bart Smit to buy a simple hoop there. Nice touch is that you just put in your own living room you hooping while you watch your favorite series, easier is not it? Can not the hooping? Then try it with one leg in front, or turn the hoop in the opposite direction.

Jumping rope

Like hooping is skipping not just for kids. Want to improve your condition? Then skipping an absolute Do. Always begin quietly to warm up and ensure good shoes, to your knees and ankles to lighten. Build it quietly, jumping rope is very intense and if you want to immediately too much gonna have muscle soreness the next day.


Inline skating is not only a fun way to be in motion, but it's also nice to get some fresh air outside after a busy day. By skating you train your leg muscles, glutes, back muscles and arm muscles. That way, grab them all at once. Choose to skating a level road, without loose stones and bumps. Asphalt is the ideal surface to rollerblade. Also provide good protection, as well rollerblading once does not always go smoothly.


To the supermarket for a message? Take the bike instead of the car. Even if only a little bit, every little bit helps.

Sports with the Wii

There are several games on the market that make you at home, in the living room, can work out to your TV.
Wii Fit
With the game Wii Fit, you can by all sorts of little exercises burn calories. You can make games in four categories: Yoga exercises, muscle exercises, aerobic exercises and balance exercises. Especially the aerobics exercises are fun, they are more games than you have the feeling that you're really working out.
EA Active
Want some are intensively than with Wii Fit, then this game is a must. For all of you present various body parts are exercises.
For Wii multiple games with dance mats are available. Here you make are shown on a mat combinations of certain fit by arrows on the screen. This may not seem as intense, but try the next level once again, bet you're sweating after three songs.

On the stairs

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You may have never thought of, but stair climbing is also moving. Want to do more exercises on the stairs, you can think of steps on the lower rungs so on, off, on, off, etc. But also on a leg up the stairs hopping. What you can do is run up the stairs, where you constantly miss a step. Hold you tight to the railing, because we naturally want no falls.
This is just a small part of the arsenal of simple things you can do at home, be creative and find the ultimate home sport for you.