Homeopathic medicine works Echinaforce

Health Kravity December 9, 2016 14 16
With the flu that's coming or is already there: Echinaforce help. Protect yourself with Echinaforce or purple coneflower. In homeopathic medicines is sometimes disputed whether they work. Some people place great value on these resources, they ask others sometimes even equal to quackery. Anyway, Echinaforce also seems to work according to recent research. It helps against colds and strengthen your resistance. One good thing at the time of flu or a reduced resistance. Well known Echinaforce Dr. A. Vogel.

What is the homeopathic remedy Echinaforce?

I use many years Echinaforce if resistance appears to be somewhat less. With much success, even though there quite a bit with some skepticism. Not with my friends and myself. Echinaforce turns at a reduced resistance to colds and upcoming real work, even if the effect in one may be slightly larger than the other. But that is true in practice for many agents with medicinal properties. Not everyone works the same pill always good. Dr. A. Vogel propagates and Echinaforce been producing for many years.

What is Echinacea purpurea?

Echinaforce is in Belgium also known as Echinasan. It contains the purple coneflower, Echinacea purpurea, a plant that is native to North America. There are nine species of Echinacea. The Echinaceae were already used by the Sioux Indians against many ailments. The purple coneflower is rhizomes and a spot in the sun about one and a half meters high. The plant flowers in July and August and gets about 10 cm flowers. A beautiful plant so. Even more important is that for many years to be attributed to the Echinacea medicinal properties, such as a resistance-increasing effect. It is used as medicine in physiotherapy and homeopathy.

Echinaforce tincture

For Echinaforce is used the so-called primal tincture, which is then mixed with alcohol. Unlike many other homeopathic products Echinaforce is not diluted and shaken repeatedly. In the Benelux Echinaforce is the best selling natural medicine. You can use it as follows
  • Adults: 2 to 5 times daily 10 to 20 drops orally. Diluted choice taken with some water.
  • Children 2 to 6 years: 2 to 5 times daily 3 to 6 drops.
  • Children 6 to 12 years: 2 to 5 times daily 5 to 10 drops.

Research into the effect of homeopathic remedies

It is not always proved easy to demonstrate the action of homeopathic medicines is also significant over the investigation. You know, one study in which one group is receiving the drug and the other group a placebo, an alternative substance. The Lancet Infectious deseases of July 2007 in a scientific study concludes that the use of the homeopathic Echinacea risk of contracting a cold by half. Who takes the drug, has 58 percent more likely to be cold. Furthermore, the duration of the common cold is reduced by one to four days. Why are so beneficial effects can not yet be shown scientifically well. This requires further research. But we already knew: it really works.

Finally Echinaforce improves your resistance

Incidentally, it is also good to know that the Echinacea is used in multiple agents, and not just in tincture, but also in the form of small pellets is for sale. Echinaforce package insert states: "Echinacea purpura increases resistance against bacterial and viral infections, stimulates the activity of white blood cells, prevents infection spread and stimulates the lymphatic system." A hope so. The homeopathic remedy Arniflor works fine again with sprains. It's certainly worth a try.