Horoscope Planet Saturn

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Horoscope and Planet. Saturn. Constellation is a familiar concept. Planets, their significance and influence in the chart are less known. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Each planet represents a certain demand patterns with resulting motives. This pattern is colored by the sign in which the planet is. Saturn -the meaning and influence of these planetary will be discussed in more detail here. If you do not know what planet belongs to your zodiac sign, bottom of the article is an overview where you can see this.

Planet Saturn

Saturn is the mainspring of Capricorn Principle. Saturn is in its astrological meaning more or less the female counterpart of Jupiter. Where the placement of Jupiter in the horoscope shows how the attitude of faith and trust is colored, which man gets things thrown as it were in the womb, gives the placement of Saturn's more to what someone in life through must achieve its own merit.
The position of Saturn in the horoscope gives information about a person's shadow. To 'shadow' the dark side of the personality is meant. The part of ourselves that we face difficult at first, because it is the reverse of what we are good at and what we so easily triggered. Often our shadow side shows itself in that which we have an irrational dislike in others or in certain social phenomena. This is often reflected in what exaggerated, emotionally charged opinions about certain people or phenomena.
The position of Saturn in the chart often indicates where someone feels himself deficient, sensitive or inconvenient. One can on the plane indicated by Saturn easy with himself and his surroundings tangle, both by a tendency to try too serious and grim way to give the Saturn Side stature. Secondly by avoiding this side of ourselves properly, to displace and project it onto others or the environment.
This projection is often as a kind selffullfilling prophecy works. Eg. someone with a certain facial expression and body posture as it were running with a sign 'do not tease, "will be just teased more often than others. For personal feeling is it, however, completely undeserved to be a victim of all kinds of harassment, because he not realize that just tried to frantically through the frightened look is not to be teased, teasing right triggers. This is just an example to make clear how Saturn in humans can work. Of course it's not just about bullying, but people can put themselves in a manner analogous in many ways to the node in various life situations. Precisely because they feel vulnerable, they tend too much to be safe than sorry. Consequently they often attract the very thing to which they are so afraid of. If they are not aware of the cause of all this misfortune, the opportunity still exists krampachtiger, dogged, become lonelier and gloomier.
The purpose of all the pain and frustration that Saturn on the cause as described above is that this pain and frustration as to be unbearable and someone themselves living there makes it so impossible that there is no other way left but to serious self-examination on . This allows someone come to realize that the world will not end, but those can cause yourself pain, suffering and loneliness. By some astrologers, the influence of Saturn's learning from the pain 'called. If anyone goes through this learning process in the right way, Saturn will manifest itself more as a move to self-understanding based form of self-discipline, responsibility and realism instead of pain.
In his capacity as earth planet Saturn symbolizes quite literally "what you sow shall reap 'principle in life. When one has come through the learning process of self-introspection and self-knowledge, they will sow other things. The proceeds will also be more in line with what was intended.

In summary: Planet Saturn symbolizes

  • the need for structure, self-protection and self-restraint
  • the conscientious side of the inner father image
  • the policeman in ourselves
  • our capacity for self-introspection, which could enable a transformation of uncertainty, weakness in earnings
  • our need for functional design and practical efficiency of our actions
  • our sense of time.

Planet Constellation / Zodiac Sign

  • Sun - Leo
  • Moon - Cancer
  • Mercury - Gemini and Virgo
  • Venus - Taurus and Libra
  • Mars - Aries
  • Jupiter - Sagittarius
  • Saturn - Capricorn
  • Uranus - Aquarius
  • Neptune - Fishing
  • Pluto - Scorpio