Household Guide: see where your money is going and save

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You can save money in many ways. But if you do not know what's going monthly in and out of your wallet, it is hard to see. Therefore it is useful to create a row where your money is going. Here you will find the majority of expenditure households in a row: the costs and revenues. Besides a checkbook, you immediately get tips to save money.

Housekeeping book


  • Mortgage: perhaps it is advantageous to close on the mortgage at a lower interest rate. Sometimes it is possible that you raised the mortgage something to use for instance that money to pay off a loan or credit card debt. The interest on these loans can be up to 15 percent.
  • Repaying loans and credit cards: Because interest rates on loans and credit cards are so high, the monthly latsen this are too high. If you have savings, it's smart to perhaps use some to pay off extra. After all, you never get as much savings as the interest you pay on your loan.

Gas water and light

  • Gas and electricity: It might be advantageous to switch to a cheaper energy supplier. Pay attention; it is not always advantageous. On websites you can easily find and compare the rates of providers. Read also once Tips to conserve energy to go, what you do not use, you do not have to pay after all. The same applies to water: Tips to save water to go
  • Also, I have an article to make you aware of the energy and the money it costs Washing and drying clothes.

This can be cheaper

  • Insurance: Make sure you are not double insured. Sometimes there is an overlap between one and the other insurance. In addition, it can work to your advantage to compare premiums.
  • Petrol and public transport: The difference between one and the other fuel pump cares 10 cents per liter! Then it can refuel worthwhile elsewhere. If you often travel by train, it may be an idea to purchase a subscription benefit. Then you get 40 percent discount on any trip, be aware of the conditions.
  • Literature: See if you can buy the necessary books second hand, for example through marketplace.


  • Mobile: Maybe it's handy to take your plan under the microscope. Read the following article about prepaid or subscription SIM-only
  • Subscription: How many newspapers, TV guides and magazines are really read each number? Perhaps you can better occasionally buy a single song in the store. As for the TV guide, you can both newspapers and online viewing what is on television.
  • Shopping: Tips can be found in the following article: Saving money on your groceries.

Now that you have everything in a row, it is useful to take stock. Then put your income in a row:
If more goes out than comes in, you have a problem. If you do not have sufficient savings to absorb the hole, you'll have to see where you can save.
In general: watch offers, coupons and check out what something will cost construction. Good luck.