How beschemt your savings in bankruptcy?

Miscellaneous Jarnooo August 7, 2016 6 0
Is your savings safe in a bank? Yes. In a bankruptcy of the bank your savings and investments only partly safe and guaranteed by the Dutch Central Bank. Therefore the question: How do I protect my money in a bankruptcy of a bank in 2015? How can I save safely in a bank, it is a banking system? You do not want to lose money and certainly not lose hard-earned savings. Save so in a safe manner to the highest savings in banks or insurers.

How to protect your savings in case of bankruptcy or bank?

In our country there are several guarantee schemes that guarantee a portion of your savings: How safe is your money in the bank? For now, the bank guarantee on savings arranged so that every person is guaranteed an amount to savings of € 100,000 in any one bank. Together with your partner is 200 000 euro. This guarantee also applies per child and for small business accounts. The wisest decision continues to not place your money in the same bank. Nor is it wise to take a subordinated savings. Which, while giving a much higher savings rate, but return to a bankruptcy usually does not matter. Something similar applies to subordinated loans. Which give a higher interest rate but if the company falls over, as a creditor in the back row.

Savings ranging from mortgage off in a bank failure

Who has an outstanding loan or mortgage with the same bank savings while there also exists, must realize that a failure of the first banking debts and savings are offset. If there is still a positive savings balance is about, which is paid up to under 100,000 euros. In short, debt and equity are first offset against each other. So you can lose savings while your mortgage is lower. You lose balance, then no money, but do not measure access to your savings.

Savings with an insurance company goes bankrupt

Savings on an insurance policy is not covered by the savings guaranteed by the Dutch bank, a savings account at a bank that is part of an insurance company does.

Safe savings in 2015

To protect yourself better in a bankruptcy you may consider a number of measures to take. I will mention three. You can also combine them for extra safety:
  • Never park more money in one bank than that guaranteed by the Dutch Central Bank. This has the disadvantage that you might need along with quite a few banks, which takes time and possibly give additional administrative burden. Another drawback is that the interest rates for smaller amounts which may be less, but for that you need a good look on the terms reference. The main advantage is that your money with this construction it is guaranteed.
  • Use a and / or account. Then the guarantee is in fact twice as big, since the guarantee scheme applies per account and per person.
  • Open an account in the name of each of your children. Which also have every right to their guarantee amount.

  • Bail or bail out?

    June 2013 the EU decided by the bankruptcy of a bank to pass on to bail out on bail. To bail out the bank being bailed out at the expense of the taxpayer. At a bail in system looks first at the assets of the bank, bondholders and shareholders. That value is first sold, and then go left to the creditors, including the people who save more than 100,000 euros at a bank. Still than 100,000 euros is guaranteed, as long as all banks and the government falls over, but it becomes much more difficult to save an amount above 100,000 euros.

    Finally, protect your savings from bankruptcy bench in 2015

    There are many benches where you can save and invest, even small banks covered by the guarantee scheme as the major systemic banks. This allows you to save safely under the deposit guarantee scheme in 2015. This includes many insurers with a bank within their ranks. Think of insurance as Centraal Beheer, Nationale Nederlanden and Aegon.