How can you differentiate pure lust from love?

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Do you have a first date or meet someone special may happen that you move from one stand to kiss another time. Hormones and adrenaline raging body, next to you is obviously very excited or are. You let you quickly seduced by the feeling of satisfaction, attention and tenderness to go further than you would really want or need. Is this really the one for you or is this purely for the act is an important question. Time will tell. Are there ways to distinguish lust and love and how can you prevent a disappointment?

Lust and love distinguish

  • Weigh your own values
  • Non-verbal communication: identify in advance
  • The act is not everything
  • Preventing a one-night stand
  • Signs that it's not about love
  • When there is talk of love?

Weigh your own values

It is important to know yourself and how you want to go in a relationship. Only a few times a favor without having too many attachments anyone can do, but it fits within your moral values. You want to build a lasting relationship and that does not start with having sexual intercourse. Many want it ?? house, tree, animal ?? feel, with concrete family is built. Rapid physical contact does not fit with that. How can you identify the intentions of the other and how do you respond?

Non-verbal communication: identify in advance

Go your steps or dating, it is important to pay attention to the nonverbal communication. What says the other is obviously important, and also whether there are compliments are made. Verbally there must be some interest, but also say movements and how they look too much. Talking to the arms and legs on each other a lot of negative, and it should have nothing of the other. Openness means that gives the other serious attention. Small clues as always with the head turned to face you, ask about you to your friends, really want to know more about what you like and example gently on the lower lip biting are signs that you should look out for. All the little things added together means that you can get a positive image of the other. Cosiness, understanding and interest is need for a good start.

The act is not everything

To directly to the primary body function of the physical part of the relationship to admit you make sure you're less likely the other person really knows. What are the reasons for attention and what does he / she further in life. Learn more about the other makes sure that there is real interest is shown without the need to go directly to the deed. If the other really build a relationship then the deed superfluous on the first day. It works even counterproductive, because we know less about each other. It may even be that after the act it is nearly time that you give him or her actually does not like. To prevent this circumstance imagine it until after a few dates, so you get to know each other well. Learn more about each other before proceeding. Let grow the band, doing only is discussed at a later stage.

Preventing a one-night stand

Construction collateral when you go on a date or when you meet someone. To build a long-term relationship not jump straight into bed, but first you want to know more about who you're dealing with. What are the interests, the similarities do you have and what makes the difference are important questions. . In addition, there must be conscious of interest are in each other. This means that you should know more about each other in several areas and that takes time. First, a number of times without a date that it ends up in bed is of interest. It allows for mutual understanding and respect, which laid the basis for a good relationship or relationship. The cat looking out of the tree makes sure you know if the other person is a friend or just a real interesting future mate. Are you sure of yourself, you can take the next step in the relationship.

Signs that it's not about love

It may be that you feel that there is love in the game, but is it really? You thoroughly enjoy the attention you get, but the other does not seem to take the next step. You're on the first or subsequent date ended up in bed, then the question is whether there is real love. In what ways can you recognize it's not about real love ?:
  • you had a great night, however, he / she immediately jumps in the shower;
  • there is not as nice situated in each other's arms;
  • substantive talk about other things is not there;
  • the other departs quickly or to make an appointment to do it again;
  • a detachment remains except when the deed is done;
  • During the update is mainly given the forms and mouth. There is less content in view of the call. Possibly running the first call to use hints to go somewhere else.

When there is talk of love?

Often it involves recognizing a degree of instinctive or it is there. The spark has to be there. Still, there are some points which you can recognize it. Consider the following:
  • you talk at length with each other, nothing remains taboo where you lose sense of time;
  • The talks also about feelings and the future;
  • you feel happy too, because the partner you support in many aspects of your life;
  • there is extensive time and attention to each other and another meeting late never long in coming;
  • it speaks to introduce you to friends and parents.
Listen to your instincts and watch the non-verbal signals, but also how people are responding. It is important that it is serious about your answer with full attention and set the action always off until you know him or her better. This way you can avoid that after a one-night stand desolate and used is left behind.