How can you recover a hacked browser, Chrome or PC?

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Every day we get up on our computer, laptop, via certain browsers in touch with the world. Although we have protected our data, it may occur that unexpectedly the browser or the entire PC will be taken over, hacked. You will only see a black screen, next you do not know what happens next with your private information and passwords. How can you restore a hacked browsers such as Chrome and what are the issues involved?

Chopped computer, Chrome

  • Following difficulties
  • Safe mode
  • Checking Processes
  • Delete Browser
  • Passwords
  • Computer security

Following difficulties

If computers are controlled from elsewhere, it can have far reaching consequences. Is it a serious cyber attack, then the question is how well the firewall system recognizes and responds to it. You can lose complete control of the PC, which others have access to your data. It may also mean that the visibility of certain programs ?? s disappears, while for example be a virus in the foreground turning. What can you do to regain control of your computer?

Safe mode

To'll see what's happening on your computer, it is important to get in the safe mode. Restart your computer and press F8 before the first Windows startup activity emerges. Then make sure that you select the first safe mode without network activity. Opens a screen similar to the normal Explorer, however, see the icons appear larger. Only the base program to start ?? s, and other start-up program ?? s not open. Within this environment, problems can be solved on the computer. Open your virus scanner so you possibly can recognize a virus and delete. A very effective program Malwarebytes.

Checking Processes

Let the computer reboot it normally, so if you find you again see a black screen or not. Do you have a black screen then simultaneously pressing the Ctrl-Alt-Delete. You can then select reboot it on the right side. This step ensures that invisible processes or close and open a standard Windows screen. Once again press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and select Start Task Manager. If you have not yet opened browser, then Chrome for example not included in that list. Should this be so, it will be invisible browser or from another location used to steal passwords, for example from you. Select the browser in the process list and check it all out.

Delete Browser

It is necessary to remove all the data from that degraded browser. First, you must complete purge history or history. Do this by checking everything including passwords and cookies. Remove it from first use ?? ??. Have you done this, go to the Control Panel and then to Programs ?? s and parts. Locate the appropriate browser and uninstall it. Then restart the computer and check the processes again. As an interim step you can scan here again additional problems. After that you can install the browser again.


Because others may have had access to your data, they can know your passwords. It is important to match all of the passwords used. Make sure you use a minimum of twelve to sixteen features a password, which you letters and numbers alternating. Previous steps you have to go through as soon as possible to prevent others from your Facebook, Hotmail and other accounts completely steal and you completely no longer have access.

Computer security

Because there has been a cyber attack on your computer, it can mean that something apron with security. Do you have a good virus scanner and what about the firewall. Make sure you have an up-to-date program, which at certain times the computer is checked. In addition, a purchased version always applies is of better quality than free online scanners.
Do you regarding the previous solution doubts about the safety of your computer and privacy, let some things than checking off by a computer specialist.