How do I choose the right phone subscription

Electronic Jyrnas August 8, 2016 0 0
You know the drill, your subscription will close again and you have to choose once again. Because there is too much choice, it is sometimes very difficult to choose the right subscription. Through this article I'll see what considerations you must make. What the article is about:
  • Determine advantageous subscription
  • Balancing provider
  • Criticize Options

Cheapest determine subscription:

Of course everyone is looking for the cheapest mobile subscription. I'm talking about the quantity / price combination and not the cheapest plan, you have nothing because if you take a subscription of 5.95 ?? in the month and 20 each euro comes up.
Okay, we first want to look like a subscription may be off. A call minute with a prepaid provider costs on average 0.25 cents while this is a subscription between 7 to 15 cents. Suppose you normally buy 10 call credit per month. That would mean that you are getting there but 40 minutes before the bell. For the average SIM-only subscriptions will get 10 euros soon 150 minutes. So you can conclude that the threshold is quite low to subscribe. There are even subscription for 2.95 a month, with 50 calling minutes. This is converted to prepaid 12.5. So it can almost always to subscribe.
Now we come to another problem. The device, not a week goes by without there nonetheless be new handsets launched. One is still more advanced than the other. I do not talk about the choice of the unit. That is to your liking. What I do want to talk about is the price.
If you have a mobile phone subscription will then take the price of the device is usually included in the monthly fee. Therefore I began to research what is now cheaper. Self buy the unit and take advantage simonly subscription. If only to determine a monthly fee. Before I show the results I must say that I have only looked at the standard rates. So without offers and discounts. Also, I only caught the providers who deliver the dialed extension.
I chose this example for machine htc touch pro. The new price of the phone is 541 at its cheapest.
As you can see, it pays so already to look at which provider you go. It would take you all care about 142.99 in this case. To make it even better I'm going to make it even more colorful. If you'd device itself would buy 541 and you were there simonly a mobile phone subscription with take you even cheaper. I'm just the cheapest subscription simonly packed with the same number of call minutes.
As you can see then delivers savings of ?? 178.19. That's a whopping 20%. The only downside of it is that you first capital of 541 must cough up. It does result in considerable savings.
To show that this is not occasionally I still have a sample calculation. This time I took the Nokia N96.
Again Telfort is again the cheapest. This time it is the new value of the unit ?? 523.00.
Here, the savings are even greater. Here you save ?? 242.93. That's a whopping 25%. The explanation is that the N96 is a phone for the consumer ?? normal ?? and the htc focused more on the business side so less competition.
You also may conclude that a separate device purchase with a combination of sim only been many cases cheaper. I am not liable for cases where it is not. Then do it yourself especially research before you go to purchase a unit.

Balancing provider:

Before we can draw any conclusions, it is wise to take a closer look for providers, the cheapest is not always best. You should look for example as the preferred provider has enough coverage in your home area. All this can be found on the websites of the providers. In general there is a search function on the site. The search of cover is sufficient.
Some tips, you're living in a border you must be very careful that you are a telecom provider with strong coverage. It could be that you device then jumps to the foreign provider and are quite expensive calls.
If you often go on vacation or many are abroad, you can also look at the rates of different providers. This may result in a significant saving.
I would show just what the difference is. In my example I take as destination: Spain, Turkey and Germany. I compare the largest providers in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, not every provider supports call or abroad.
As you can see Germany and Spain alike. This is because they are in Europe, and the following applies.
Rates overview for Europe
As of September 2007 will apply to make and receive calls in Europe a maximum rate below listed. These are the so-called. Eurotariff imposed on mobile operators by the European Commission.
If you choose a phone with Internet capabilities and you want to actually use it frequently, it is wise to compare the associated subscriptions. Thus offering hi viz very slow internet connection. This may also be a balancing factor.

Criticize options.

A provider offers all kinds of services. Unlimited SMS to unlimited TV on your mobile.
Now I'm not going to cover everything. Only the items that I think you can have profeit of.
I start with the unlimited text and ??. Many providers offer currently.
As you can see here, you pay 1 cent per SMS. So, if you sms ?? t more than 150 messages per month can this out. Otherwise, it is not recommended.
If you have a lot landline number calls it might be an option to take when a bundle is that you ?? unlimited ?? can call fixed. Often you can for 10 to 20 euros a month ?? unlimited ?? for landline calls. For some this may turn out quite profitable. If you call a lot to landlines this is ideal. In many cases, it may not matter. See so well call your behavior and ask if need an itemized bill to find out if it is off. What I want to give as a tip. Read well the policies after unlimited unlimited is often not usually the 1000 or 3000 minutes but never unlimited. So look after them.
Hopefully I can inform you sufficiently, thereby becoming the choice easier. I wish you every success.