How do I get soft towels?

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One swears by a hard, solid towel after a bath or shower just because of the scratching feeling and the skin like red-hot after the drying cycle. The other abhors them and wants to prefer dry with the hotel feeling soft and fluffy or can become the raw fiber did not bear on sensitive skin. How do you get that soft towels? Some tips and tricks collected.

Towels: changed sandpaper ...

Can you put your freshly washed and dried towels to speak against the wall because they have become hard as sandpaper? Should fold with a few hard nod because they are anything but soft? If you love them because you after showering a large scrub do appreciate this, there is no problem. Many, however, prefer the luxury of a bath towel velvety, like you get in a hotel. So you can relax after a bath or shower shrouded in a cloud of fluffy and soft to dry you. How can you achieve this?

Tips and tricks for fluffy towels: something for everyone

There are several causes that play a role in the onset of harsh towels. For that reason there is not just one solution to do something with. What applies to one, you do for another is not feasible or who has their own ideas about it again. Therefore gathered some tips and tricks for fluffy towels here, with background information. So there - for those looking for it - perhaps by sitting new to try.

Purchase towels of a good quality

It seems obvious, but start buying towels of good quality. So you still use your old, faded copies with frays and holes then you might consider using it now as cleaning rags and purchase new ones. A good towel is thick and made of 100% cotton. The thickness is important because there is a large surface area on cotton fiber, whereby water can be properly recorded. Do you find it nice to have a towel all the way to wrap around you, choose a larger size for after your bath or shower. Towels of good quality for example, you find the HEMA or IKEA. Can or will not spend a sum in one go for a stack of towels better quality, buy now and then one or ask them a present.

Wash your towels properly

Wash separately
Through your towels together but separate washing of clothes do you avoid that cotton fibers can get damaged by buttons and zippers. Stop the machine too full. Do you have enough towels, so a small amount of laundry please use the abbreviated, or ecoprogramma snelwas- of your washing machine, and adjust the dosage of the detergent.
How much detergent?
Use less rather than too much detergent, look for this on the packaging. When hard water do you need more detergent than soft water. Harder water means more lime in it, and in detergent is water softener. If necessary, check the hardness of the water in your area. You can check this with the water company in the region where you live.
In the Netherlands are many areas where the water gently until gemiddel is hard, but you do not live in that area ?? s you can still take simple measures. One solution, for example, for adding your detergent to hold the dosage for soft water, just add some extra water softener to neutralize the high calcium content. This can be purchased separately and can be purchased at the health food store. Cheaper, good for fluffy towels and because less detergent is used more for your washing machine.
Low temperature: enough
Towels used only once before they end up in the laundry basket are often not really dirty; treat any stains in advance separately with a stain remover. By Low-temperature washing your towels are clean as well, but they will last longer. Pre-wash with the detergent compositions of today no longer necessary. You also save a lot of energy with it.

Softener: soft wax with pros and cons

For a soft wax which also smells nice course there is the fabric softener. Of these many different sale, from brands to brand. Your towels are there to gently but will then take up less water, so dry worse. This is because there is in fact a layer to the fibers will be placed, so that it no longer stick together during the drying process. This layer of scrap occurs when surfactants in the detergent composition are neutralized by the substances in the fabric softener. The fibers feel softer below, but the absorption ability is diminished.
And good to remember: the majority of the rinse-added fabric softener to the drain water away during the washing process. In softener was formerly a substance that was very harmful, but that was replaced. The substances that are nowadays to be used in the place are more biodegradable and therefore less harmful to the environment.
Would you still use fabric softener, do you stick to the dosing instructions, not only of the fabric softener but also the detergent. In the use of too much detergent will be left behind even more soap residues in your towels, which can not be neutralized by the fabric softener. Some softeners are concentrated, these have per load much less necessary. Read the label for proper use.
Would you use a fabric softener but you can not stand the perfume what's inside, you would also softener Ecover or Neutral can try. Ecover is ?? safe for the skin thanks to plant-based ingredients ??. Is also better for the environment. Neutral is fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic. Matter of trying.

Vinegar: simple and inexpensive

Many people swear by it: pour a dash of vinegar before washing in the softener chamber of fluffy towels. The explanation is simple: limescale and soap scum from the wash water remaining in the towel during the washing process. Vinegar decalcified and degreased, and heals them. For operation it does not really matter if used for this purpose vinegar or vinegar; the case of the acetic acid.
Another advantage is that colored towels remain better color. Eventually you can towels between a once-only vinegar wash, so instead of detergent. New colored towels you can before you're going to use the best first time with just vinegar wash to preserve the color. A disadvantage of the use of vinegar could be that the slightly acidic odor which remains behind in the towels, not everyone likes thereof.

Drying: outdoor, indoor, tumble ...

The salt crystals in the water of the clean, wet was left behind and evaporated in beating the fibers down when the water in the drying process. Therefore towels are really hard during drying. When the drying was in motion continues to be this broken crystal ?? ?? and the feeling was not hard. Therefore:
Tip: how to make your towels too dry, it is best to store them as well before and after drying
Outside on the clothesline
If possible: let your towels outside in the wind flapping on the clothesline. It costs nothing and the fresh scent of outside get in for free. Let your dry your towels in this way, then you do not use fabric softener when washing. Due to the movement of the wind, they are softer than if they hang motionless on a rack.
Within a rack
Do not tumble dry and raining outside, then you are forced to let you in on a rack to dry towels. What then is the missing movement during drying which there is in the wind outside or in the dryer. This can simulate through your towels when drying a few times to store extra out, crumpling ?? ?? and again to hang up. If you dry your towels on this way you can use any fabric softener.
If outdoor drying is not possible or it is raining, the dryer is still your best chance of fluffy towels. Do you use the dryer it is not necessary to use fabric softener when washing. Are you attached to a nice cologne than you can possibly a dryer cloth do it. Choose a drying program that is not too hot, otherwise it could damage the cotton fibers by heat. If the dryer has finished let the towels do not sit in the tub, but take them out immediately. If you tumble from the viewpoint of energy rather not currently used, you first let your towels dry on a rack. When they are almost dry, wrap them another five minutes in the dryer.
Tip: do together with the towels a couple of tennis balls in the dryer for a softer result

Ironing, brushing: do or not do?

Ironing your towels might be slightly softer, but the heat hit by the cotton fibers have been damaged. The towels will thus take up less water, so dry and worse also wear out faster. Prefer not to do so.
The towels opborstelen with a stiff bristle brush is also given as a tip to make them softer. Probably succeed though, because the fibers are airy upright ?? ?? forced, but this will quickly damage the tabs and wear towels quickly. Moreover, it is a lot of work.


If you are going to store your dry towels, save them further out so they ?? smooth and airy ?? be. Try them with some explaining extra space in the closet. They are crammed together in a pile there remains the fluffy airiness not know much about. Instead of folding, you can also roll lightly. Do you then you can also store them there space in your bathroom. Due to the higher humidity because they will naturally be a little softer. If you do not have space in your bathroom to store your fresh towels, then hang at least advance your clean towel on the edge of the shower before you go take a shower. Then you reach the same.