How do I set up my own company? All tips in a row

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A webshop start, a consultancy set up his own boss. More and more people are thinking about setting up their own business. You can set your own hours, working independently and if you work from home, it is ideal to combine work with children. For many it remains a dream, others take it concretely and see their dreams come true. Have you always dreamed to start your own business but have no idea where to start? Then read on.

Where do you start?

First, you must decide what business you want to start. One tip is to identify what you've always wanted to do. How was it when you were little? What were your dreams? Wants to give you music lessons? If you have made products that you want to sell as paintings or tails? Maybe you're a good web design or you want to start your own practice?
Are you going to orientate your choice. Check whether you need a certain degree or registration. You want to stand on the market with a stall but you have never been on the market? Go one time with someone shadowing. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Maybe you find out that the market stand is absolutely nothing for you. Then you know that at least you can go and look for something else.

Market research

There needs to be a demand for your idea. If there is someone waiting for your product after five years? If so, who is it? Bring the needs of your target audience in map and see what the trends are. This is called market research. This can be done for example by making an inquiry and to hand out to your target audience. What exactly is the view of the target audience about your product? Would you target your product rather get somewhere else? Research how your competition have in your environment. Would you like pedicures, but there are already many pedicures in your neighborhood? If the market is saturated, you may wonder whether you do need to focus on that. Maybe it's better to go in a different direction. You find out that there a lot more pedicures are needed in the future? Then it's just a good place to start as a pedicure.
Think about a unique product or make sure that you are unique in your knowledge and skills. Then it is more likely that you are successful.

Business Plan

Have you found an idea for your business? Then it is time to think how you are going to shape this. You do this by creating a business plan. In the business plan you describe in clear terms who you are, what your goal is with your business and how you want to realize it. You ask yourself critical questions such as: How much profit do I need to do to survive? Where can I find cheap suppliers or wholesalers that deliver quality products? I look only to the Netherlands or do I want to trade internationally? What legal form would I use? I want to do everything or I'm going to hire someone for the administration or to make a website? What about the laws and regulations for my product? How does the organizational structure look like? I'm working from home or I'm going to rent a room? How do I get to my clients, in other words, how my marketing strategy look like? What synergies can I enter? How do my network partners look like? How much money do I need and where I want to get from this?
By answering these questions, you have already made a good start with setting up your own business. Look here for a checklist of points that you can use for your business plan.


Want to start a business from a benefit? The social service can possibly provide working capital. You might have spared himself a fee or are you planning to borrow money from family or friends. Make clear agreements about this. Think over the budget. You will not be the first that has miscalculated. To borrow money from a bank, you will need to ensure a watertight business plan. The bank does not just lend money to someone who has not thought about his business. Even if you do not intend to borrow money from the bank is a good idea to write a business plan. That gives you a grip.

Start small

Do not go like crazy buying many products. The chance that something goes wrong is large and you have a lot of money lost. Do not be overconfident and do not stop immediately with your regular job. Start by combining your job and starting your own business. Please realize that there is a lot of time sitting in starting their own business. You must first figure out many things and spend time arranging financing. Once you've started your company follows the marketing. Also realize that you're more than just your boss. You are cleaner, receptionist, bookkeeper, marketer and specialist in one. When your business has grown, you can remember to outsource some tasks, but unless you have money, you'll have to do it all in the beginning itself.


Once you have set up own business, it is important to make this known to your potential customers. After all, if nobody knows you exist, you will also not be found. How can you attract customers? For example you can make professional business cards make or distribute flyers. Let the local newspaper an article about your writing. Attend networking socials and go there. Make sure you're good to find on the Internet or in the telephone with a catchy and original name. Visit fairs. Consider placing an ad in a professional journal. Organize an opening with introductory discount. Use social media like Hyves or write a blog to bring people up to date on new developments in your company. Do not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth advertising. Tell everybody that wants me know and start with family, friends or former classmates and colleagues ?? s. Many ways to attract more customers. Remember that you must devise a way to retain customers. What benefits can get a regular customer of yours? What does good customer service for you?

Chamber of Commerce

Are you enthusiastic? Then make an appointment with the local Chamber of Commerce office. The Chamber of Commerce office can answer all your questions about starting their own business. The KVK know exactly what the pitfalls of starters and can give you advice on various matters, such as conducting interviews financing or taking over a family business.

Knowing more?

Would you like more general information about what is really involved starting your own business?
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