How do you as an individual tax return in 2015?

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You get a private capacity in 2015 or 2016 tax return only if you ask the Tax and entitlement are. If you have a refund of tax money right, but asks no money back, your money stays in the state coffers and pay the tax nothing. Not paying is a windfall for the Treasury. Especially young people, people with a job and those with many deductions usually pay too much tax, and at least more than is necessary.

Tax back as a private in 2015 or 2016

For reclaiming income tax, you made past use of the so-called P-form. Previously, this was still the T-form or T-form, but which no longer exist. And if you would rather have back the excess wage tax from the tax authorities, you can also fill out a provisional personal income tax. The P-form is particularly suitable for making up the balance sheet at the end of the year and if too much tax is withheld in order to recover. But you can also use the form as a provisional personal income tax. That is the course of action if you want fast money back.

Difference between provisional assessment and tax income

The difference between a provisional assessment for one year and the tax after one year, mainly in:
  • The speed of action;
  • The provisional assessment is much more based on provisional figures.

The speed of action will appeal to everyone, but the danger is that you can get back a lot during the year and then at a later time itself must repay. That's no problem for instance boy having a summer job in a few months, because they're pretty sure that no additional income more will come in. But who makes promotion, unexpected money moonlights, fewer deductions than he first thought, will soon have to pay extra.

When it makes sense to ask for money back from the tax authorities in 2015 or 2016?

Return policy is really only useful if you are entitled to. These are in many cases the following people:
  • Anyone with a temporary job or summer job. Often these are young people.
  • People who have many deductions which the employer has not taken into account yet.
  • Tax partners where one partner works and the other does not.
  • You are entitled to tax credits that are not channeled through the employer.

These are no guarantees that you get back tax money because it depends on many things, but potentially these are the people that are most likely it and if they do not tax, grab beside the boat.

Temporary job or summer job

If you get back at a temporary job money depends on how much tax and national insurance contributions withheld employer and how much you've earned. Based on the pay slip is then fairly quickly determine whether there is too much income tax withheld or perhaps too little. You might not believe it, but tax gain in 2014 and 2015 but also in 2015, it is just possible in our country.

I have many deductions and then?

The employer can not take into account all deductions that would be too much work. Therefore, you can knock on the tax itself. Who instance, many mortgage pays or has a lot of medical expenses, then it may recover a portion in the income tax return, but you do not have to wait for that. The tax relief may therefore ask if you already take place during the current year.

General tax partner earning less

If a partner has little or no income, it could mean that the general tax law which exists, can not simply be paid by the tax authorities. As a rule, after all you can not recover more tax than you have ever paid for. The chance to get back money increases if you have a tax partner with sufficient income. In that case, the tax authorities may request, proceed to pay your general tax, also called counter subsidy in 2015, through the income of your partner. Note the conditions thereto.

Withdraw tax credits

But there are a few other tax credits you are entitled to do that are not taken by the employer during the tax payment:
  • The single parent credit;
  • The parental leave;
  • The bonus for working;
  • The income-related combination tax credit;
  • Green investment.

If you do income tax return, these tax credits are reflected in the questions and be clear at the end of the content you are entitled to. Again, if you rather want a refund, you throughout the year and if possible before the year has begun action to take.

Claim tax back from the tax authorities in 2015 or 2016

Quite a few people avoid contact with the tax authorities, because they think it always costs money. Often that is true, but many people have a right to a refund and let that lie because they do not tax. Calculate once again for yourself whether you are also entitled to a tax refund or ask someone you know well even for advice. Especially with the tax credits can happen that you do not get what you are entitled to. At the higher incomes this problem hardly plays because it still is obliged to submit the tax, but are at the lower incomes remains so sometimes unused money to the IRS and that is a pity. Use in 2015 the provisional assessment 2015 income tax. This can be on paper and digitally.