How do you change it?

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Provided that humans do not like change, but changes are part of life. As a kid you go through all kinds of stages and therefore various changes. These often come with hefty belching ?? ?? together and where one can operate passes through the other person has great difficulty with the different phases. If you have different phases in your childhood have finally come through well, you think you are ?? but that more and more people just the beginning.

Changes in the youth

The changes in childhood begin at birth and the warm womb protected you become a kind of big bang ?? ?? the world kicked in. Then you go through all the stages that come with your pre-school stage, do you realize that you can not only talk but also communicate with the pen, paper, or even more modern computer. Did you all just below the knee then begin to play on hormones, go suddenly else like it. Do you get turned down, your body gets all the stress when you see that person and then you hear it ?? at ??.
Was it used to be that the group arrived after this phase ?? ?? was to establish the family to get a steady job and take care especially for posterity, very large ?? now it is more nuanced. We plant our still continuing, but we experienced that life is more than mature, have children and look after the family. This automatically also brings more changes and most people go through those changes, you more or less seeketh not flawless. Is that bad? No ?? but how do you make sure that you are as simple as possible is going through?

Changes you make to come down

Some people love all the changes that are constantly on the path, others will do everything to avoid changes and let others undergo changes. Every person is different and therefore each person will react differently to changes.
What many people do have in common is that we like to have control over the situation. We have a concrete or less concrete plan and that needs interpretation. Depending on the person controlling role can be very emphatically played out and that's exactly where the crux is in respect of the right come through change processes.
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Laozi
Go with the flow
To follow the flow of life, many people feel as loose sand or on loose sand makes you walk a little more to the left and right can slide your feet. For the control freak, as we have the man or woman who has actually mapped out the entire path, often called something similar ?? ?? not done.
But this also means that you sometimes against the flow're rowing and everyone knows that it is hard rowing. Does that tell you anything but to let go? No of course not. What you have in mind, you may well maintain. It is only there that changes that come your way, perhaps come up with a reason in your path. Go through it, learn from it and move again makes life easier, then there costs-what-cost resist it if it does not exactly fit in your mapped out plan.
It's actually three issues, namely:
  • You reach final destination.
  • The way you do this.
  • How long is your path.

It sounds so obvious, but it is not. Many people still have that goal in mind and work towards a time when they really going to enjoy ?? ??. However, they also forget the road to enjoy it to. Sometimes, unfortunately, mean that we do not reach the final destination. Though have you enjoyed your life? You have a certain time limit in mind to formalize these changes in a later step, but what now is if for example one year lasts longer? These are all questions that play a role in the process of change and where you go to yourself honestly must answer.

Accept change

Is important with all these changes, you must learn to accept that sometimes things just go a little bit different than you had in mind. This includes that you yourself perhaps need to ask the question whether that's bad. Enjoy your example of the moments that matter if you are like a blind horse focused on your goal?
Changes come your way, but only when you're ready, this change gives you something concrete. Is that so important release control? To some extent yes, but try in the process of change mainly stay close to yourself. How do you experience the change? Where you NOT to approach rationally, but feel what that change does to you. Maybe it's something unexpected that comes your way, which feels really good. Only until you experience that, at the moment you have to open up. Opening up work until you reach the tunnel vision of the preferred Now the goal, just release. Make that just a little bit wider scope and therefore looking left and right where you are as a person, how you react to environment etc.
In short, real changes you will experience not only with your head but with your own body and you do throughout your life. Dare to rely on it is a nice first step!