How do you get more business as an entrepreneur?

Miscellaneous thebrolaf July 25, 2016 0 12
The economy has its highs and lows. A natural entrepreneur trying to cover yourself for the lows. Sometimes this does not really work and did bad things suddenly in the path of the entrepreneur. Customers who run away to the competition, products that are still in the warehouse and which are not sold, customers who do not want to pay and other matters. If things go badly, then it's time to look at things critically.

Elevator Pitch

If an entrepreneur is not in a short time with passion and enthusiasm can tell another where he and the company stand for and what the company does, there must be doctored. By making use of an Elevator Pitch is an entrepreneur forced to tell in a short time to the other what he does and what the company stands for. An Elevator Pitch is only successful when it is carried with passion and enthusiasm. In addition, an Elevator Pitch to take up to a few minutes, because the attention of the other person will already after a few minutes somewhere else focused on. The advantage of an Elevator Pitch is that an entrepreneur should think well who he is and where he and the company stand for. If a prospective investor or the bank is not clear what the company stands for and what the company does, why would this be clear to customers? An elevator pitch may be used in many cases. Think of networking meetings with other entrepreneurs of the branch or in the search for investors. The purpose of the Elevator Pitch is to generate interest in the other party. This interest will ensure that both sides enter into dialogue with each other to see what the parties can do for each other. As the talks went well it can possibly come out of something beautiful.

The customer knows where the company stands for?

In the preceding paragraph it has been raised, the customer knows well where the company stands for? If revenue falls short, the entrepreneur can not afford to wait quietly until sales increases. An entrepreneur must take action and use the personal aspects of entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur can use several resources to position itself clearly against the competition. Eg an operator to distinguish themselves by themselves just to focus on a particular niche. In addition, an entrepreneur needs to pick up the signals from the environment of the company. This is a form of entrepreneurship. If a business owner does not want to change the direction of the company, revenues will decrease in the long term. The mistake that many business owners is that they are too many goods and / or services that contribute little to the overall turnover of the company. These entrepreneurs think they allows customers to please. However, this is not so, because the customer wants clarity. The customer wants to know why and where he should go to the company to buy anything from the company.

Sharper receivable management

In some industries it's just that is paid only when the goods are delivered or the services are performed. The statutory payment period is thirty days, if after thirty days are not paid, the supplier may charge a statutory interest. By law, there can be a higher statutory interest rate charged to businesses and government agencies. For consumers it applies that the lower statutory rate will be charged. A number of entrepreneurs have not much clue about the behind the pants sit down debtors. A rule of thumb is that the debt management must always be carried out consistently. If credit management is not consistently implemented, then debtors will always keep trying with excuses to delay the payment attempt. Even though the administration can sometimes be boring, if there is no money coming in then the company will not turn any further. The credit management of a company must be tightly fitted. The reminders should be sent according to the tight schedule. In addition, telephone contact desperately needed to make the debtor feel that the company is close by.

The Internet

On the internet, customers can now look up lots of information about companies that supply goods and perform services. As an entrepreneur, it's a shame that the company does not have a website where customers can see what is on offer from the company. As an entrepreneur it is sin if the company has no website. The customer experiences a higher threshold to change within a company if the company has no website. Today, customers want to know everything before they make the transition to the company to buy something or to take a service. The entrepreneur can capitalize on this by taking action. Should it be feasible that products can be sold through the Internet, the company must first leave everything thoroughly screened with regard to internet shopping. A customer will not purchase products quickly at a less robust website. The company also must remember well how the products are shipped or delivered. Nothing is as bad as products that arrive broken or not. Finally, entrepreneurs are obviously not waiting for dissatisfied customers. It is true that the internet today's image can make or break.