How do you pamper yourself during the crisis?

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A number of studies show that our spending pattern changes. We spend less on cars, kitchens and so on. We will also slightly less on holiday. What are the trends and how can you keep that rich sense of before?

Notable results

Research by the Central Bureau of Statistics show that we spend less on the so-called "sustainable" use goods. Think of a new car or a new kitchen. Also, we buy less leather. Examples include shoes and bags. But where now actually give people their money on?

Spice up home

As more and more families are "stuck" sitting in their home are more renovations in and around the home run. The house is built, there will be a dormer or the toilet or bathroom to be modernized. The garden is often pimped again. The small self-employed in the past in the past also carried these small jobs are still working. The big guys have it a lot harder.


People recreate more and more at home. This is not only due to stricter anti-smoking laws. Smokers feel relegated to the balcony. Relaxing cigarette with a drink or snack has been there for years no longer. In addition, rising prices for food and drink through the roof. One chooses more and more to invite friends home. They cook for each other and sipping a drink. The trend however seems to be that people then buy more luxurious. It is also true that if you have children at home recreation is a godsend. You do not generate as your children run through the restaurant or have a good cry. No more stress or restaurant or lemonade, milk or your favorite drink have children. You buy the good itself, in the supermarket. And when the kids are tired, you can immediately put them in bed.

The pitfalls

However, you should not be too hard on yourself. At some point you lose your temper, and you still go for the ax for that luxury goods that you really can not pay. You think to yourself: "I've spent so long nothing!". You will cover only a certain amount of "self-restraint". Then this game is also empty.

How do you control yourself?

Tarry back to the old tune: "Do I need it?". "Can I afford it?". Adjust the purchase as long as possible out. There is in fact a good chance that if your home rethink the desired purchase, you then conclude that you did not need the coveted object.

Controlled enjoy

The first necessities should you buy of course. Food, drinks, a thanksgiving over your head, not to mention love everybody needs. An ability to find not "pathetic" yourself is to create a "enjoys jar". Make a sweet purse with an amount of money which you can pamper yourself out. Stop for instance ten euro per week in the piggy bank. Do you see something fun for once in the offer or do you want to do for once coffee and cake you can do this! Matter is it to fully enjoy here. If you find yourself pathetic the odds are much greater that you will at some point cross the line. You think: "what does it matter?". Or something along the lines of: "That little bit helps anyway!". Be that feeling before.