How do you put a foundation on?

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As you use make-up is an important foundation. It provides a foundation for the rest of your make-up and evens your skin. To use a good foundation you do not too thick, otherwise it looks like you're wearing a mask.


To make your foundation is best to come to fruition is a good preparation is important. Before you start applying foundation a facial scrub. This removes dead skin cells, so your skin is smooth and clean. For an even smoother and finer skin is good to also make a mask. The three-minute masks Yves Rocher are ideal. These are not hard and give your skin a pleasant softness. After that, apply a day cream that suits your skin type, this is very important especially if you have dry skin burden, otherwise the foundation is spotty when you apply it on your skin. When the moisturizer was permanently withdrawn in the skin, you can begin applying the foundation. Make sure you use a color that is closest to your skin color is. When a foundation is to purchase a little test on your jaw line to see if it is similar to your skin tone. It is best to test this in daylight. In the best perfumeries can be your good adivseren and one is even willing to provide a foundation to let you see the result.

Powder Foundation

A poederfounation is best used by people who have oily skin, the powder helps absorb the fat and will camouflage the shiny skin. Use a makeup sponge to make the powder foundation. These pads work much more pleasant than the pads that come with the foundation, when you buy it. After using the sponge, it was always in with soap and water, so you avoid that sit bacteria. When you start to make the powder, start in the middle of your face and work outwards. Under the eyes, around the nose and around the mouth are often areas that are darker or where small blood vessels can be seen. Spend carefully to the foundation. At the hairline and ears you need less powder. Make sure when applying foundation you see no visible make-up lines. When you have finished applying the powder foundation, you can begin installing your other makeup.

Liquid foundation

Liquid foundation is best for normal to dry skin. You bring the same way as powder foundation. For applying a damp makeup sponge when you use a dry sponge will absorb the liquid foundation and is more common in the sponge then go on your skin. Squeeze a little foundation out of the tube in your hand and spread a little. Wipe now a bit with the pad of your hand and work the same as in powder foundation from the center of your face outwards. Look carefully what areas need a little more and which less. Especially make sure that the foundation does not feel like a mask. If you want you can even fix your foundation by bringing a soft makeup brush a little powder over it to. When you have finished applying the liquid foundation, you can begin installing your other makeup.


When you have after applying a thin layer of foundation some blemishes such as pimples or moles, then do not apply another layer of foundation in an effort to eliminate the spots, but use a concealer. With a concealer can be small spots and touch upon them as camouflage. Just make sure your concealer is the same color as your foundation.


  • When you want to treat your cleavage with foundation, then you can. Or Make sure you also that your skin a scrub gives voordatje applying foundation. Please also check that your foundation does not ruin your clothes.
  • When your foundation to do not try to sit with your hands to your face. A good foundation remains down, but when your hands are a little damp, the skin of which may be spotty.
  • If you have a very important day or night, such as your wedding, let take care of your make up by a beautician or cosmetologist. Is this too expensive or not possible, ask a friend to apply your makeup.
  • Today there are foundations on the market are solid, but liquid when they are applied to the skin, these are very easy to use. Before using this product, stick to the same procedure as a powder foundation.