How does a star subscription to a public transport chip card

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There is much confusion about the possibilities with weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions, and also about the transition from paper certificates to the digital versions of the OV-chip card which is currently being implemented in the Netherlands. The following explains how the system works with the season tickets for public transport and where to get subscriptions. The Star subscription scheme is in fact regarded as an onion. It consists of all shells. A star subscription consists of two things, namely a center zone and the star rating.
The center zone indicates the zone in the Netherlands is the basis for the subscription. Examples are, for example:
  • Rotterdam city center: 5300 Zone
  • Rotterdam Overschie: Zone 5315
  • Amsterdam Centre: Zone 5700

The center zone of the subscription can be seen as the core of the shell model of the onion. The number of stars then determines how far you can travel around your center zone. A one-star subscription means that you are only allowed to travel in your downtown area, while a 2-star subscription means that you can also travel next to your center zone in all DIRECT surrounding areas. A three-star subscription means you are also in the zones again to these zones borders can travel and so on. There are six types of subscriptions star:
  • 1-star-subscription
  • 2-star-subscription
  • 3-star-subscription
  • 4-star-subscription
  • 5-star subscription
  • 6-star-subscription

Practical example

A good example to illustrate the star system is the above image map of the zone of the municipality haaglanden.
Suppose we choose a subscription center zone 5416 and we have two stars. Then we can deal with this subscription of public transport use in Rijswijk, but also in the immediate surrounding areas which are:
5421, 5426, 5437, 5428, 5419, 5400, 5413.
Suppose we choose a three-star subscription with the same central zone would also be in the following areas can be traveled:
5420, 5325, 5329, 5339, 5447, 5449, 5429, 5439, 5410, 5414, 5423, 5442, 5411, 5431, 5430
So we see that as the star value increases the number of zones in which they can be transported rises very sharply.
The ultimate shape of a star subscription is the N-star subscription. This subscription can be traveled throughout the Netherlands.

Subscribe to OV-chip card

With the advent of the public transport smartcard in various parts of the Netherlands print subscription as many people know it already lapsed. The OV-chip card is a digital travel product which means that there should also put a subscription to a digital way. The so-called coupon sight will disappear in the near future completely and replaced by a public transport chip card.
Important to mention is that subscriptions can not be loaded on any public transport smartcard. There are several public transport chip cards in circulation:
  • Disposable OV-chip card
Depending on the carrier, each carrier has its own disposable chip cards and can be used only with this carrier. A disposable chip card of the CFP for example, does not work at RET.
  • Anonymous OV-chip card
This card is valid in the country, but this are not linked to the user's personal data and can be purchased by anyone. The disadvantage of this card is that this example can not be traveled at a discount through 65+ ers because the card is not personal, and therefore the age of the holder is not registered.
  • Personal OV-chip card
This card must be made personally and this will also appear a passport. This card can only be used by the rightful owner of the ov. This is also the public transport chip card which can be loaded just discussed subscriptions. On the two aforementioned types of cards not what this is. Before so a subscription can be purchased must first be in possession of a personal OV-chip card.

Types of subscriptions

There are different types of subscriptions available when looking at the period of validity.
  • Weekly pass
This subscription is valid during a time period of 7 days and has a maximum value of 3. 4 star to star-N subscriptions are not available in the form of a week subscription.
  • Monthly Subscription
This subscription is valid for a period of one month and a maximum star of N. As with the weekly subscription to the day when the subscription starts be chosen freely. This does not have to be from October 1 to November 1, but can also be from October 11th until November 11th apply depending on the customer requirements.
  • Annual subscription
This subscription is valid for a period of one year and a maximum star of N. An annual subscription must often be completed in person at a main point of sale / service of one of the transport companies.

How do I get a subscription?

A subscription can be purchased in a few simple steps:
1. Buy a personal public transport chip card via public transport chipkaart.nldoor form to fill out and upload a photo.
2. Wait for the personal OV-chip card you fall on the mat.
3. Determine which subscription you need. You can subscribe to the fitting of a door-to-door contact with 9292 take on 0900-9292 or 9292OVNa passing on your start and end addresses, they can tell you which center zone and star value to you is the most favorable.
4. Use your public transport chip card along a Post Office, Primera, Albert Heijn or one of the selling points of a carrier in your area and indicate that you have a weekly, monthly or annual subscription to the outdated center zone and star value.
5. Employees will get your public transport chip card through a scanner, enter the specified data and a digital subscription on your OV-chip card.
6. Now you unlimited travel in your subscription area as long as your subscription is valid.

Prices star subscriptions in 2010

NB Annual subscriptions are 10 times the price of a monthly subscription

Outside tours subscription area

If you use your subscription outside your subscription area travels the public transport smartcard system will be the part that will charge you travel outside your area and the depreciation of your pass. This means that it's smart to always charge a small amount on your OV-chip card besides the fact that you have to only be a subscription since the system will no longer permit if you have a negative balance. This is very annoying if you have traveled outside your area once accidentally and thus has a negative balance on your card. You must first ensure that the travel balance on your OV-chip card back to 0 or higher will be placed before you to check again. Applies to the reduction of up to 18 years?