How does Google Alerts?

Electronic SGNODLOL August 7, 2016 0 0
With Google Alerts you can receive new information on the Internet in your mailbox. Through Google you can find out if something is published that is of interest to you. Companies can monitor in this way, to what extent reports about their company's published. Through the internet we've got a massive expansion of the information we can obtain in a simple way. In the past you had to sift through this several media, but nowadays you can retrieve information in seconds on any subject. This way, you are simply aware of notifications that you are interested in.

What is Google Alerts?

Using Google Alerts, you can set a number of words you want to receive notification as soon as something new about your topic is published. You can be the best very specific in order to prevent you also get messages that you are not interested.
For example, to receive all news about savings rates in your mailbox, you must not give up as a keyword ?? save ??. With such a word because you also get publications, for example, a phrase ?? The footballers save the opponent by moving defensive football ??.

How can I make a specific search?

Words in quotes
Using good keywords and by excluding other words, you can filter the results. In case you want to set an alert aimed at the highest savings, you must put these words in quotes. Otherwise, you will also get results where these words occur, but not next to each other.
Excluding Words to filter the result
When certain words you also get a lot of results that you are looking for. For example if you are interested in reports of fire extinguishers brand Ajax, you need not be set as a keyword Ajax. Most of the emails that you will receive namely, will cover the Ajax football club. By placing a minus sign after the keyword, you messages that you are not interested in the rule. For example, this is done by setting ?? Ajax ?? football??.
Avoid common words
Some are have multiple meanings or common. NAM to get messages about the company, you should not take Google Alert as a keyword ?? ?? go set. This will result in emails which do not refer in 99 percent of the NAM to the company.
Prevent Google goes along with you
Google is a smart search engine that visitors also assists in finding the desired result, even if it is not the intention. Words that Google thinks it's a clerical error, the alert will also include words that Google thinks you meant it.
Are you interested in news about the surname ?? Dijk Huzen ?? , You probably want to receive messages about ?? ?? Dijkhuizen. By a plus for the search name to avoid placing other results.
Results from one website
You can also restrict the results to a single website. You can do this by placing behind the keyword: site: name website. For example: ?? Ajax site: ??