How healthy is running

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Jan and the whole world is hard. Exercise is healthy, we are told and running you can do anytime, anywhere. You have no expensive equipment needed; with a pair of good shoes and sports clothing flexible, you can quickly set off. At the Dam to Dam run in 2014 died one of the participants and the discussion on how healthy running now actually erupts.


More and more Dutch people buy a good pair of running shoes and start running. A fifth of all adults regularly runs hard. That is not so surprising when you consider that running is relatively inexpensive and you can do it at any time and that you can set your own pace. You're not to exercise in the body odors of others, but you are eaten outdoors. If all else fails in the green parks of the city and where possible in nature.


There are several apps ?? s training, tips and information. You can keep track of your progress and the apps you going, encourage them to continue. You can track exactly with the app how long you've walked and how many kilometers you have done in that time.


Running is hip and people stabbing each other to go also in the legs. It's good for your lungs and your general condition and it suits the advice that exercise is good for us. We are regularly though startled by reports of participants in sporting events death.
The cause of death may lie in hereditary heart disease or abnormalities of the coronary artery. Who has such ailments can be quite old, but it is running is not always the most healthy activity. Estimated to die annually from 200 to 250 people during and after sporting events. Apart from the aforementioned ailments overheating is a dangerous assassin.

Heat Stroke

Someone who runs can get heat stroke and it is more common than we think. Temperature Problems of the body are ten times more common than acute heart problems. The 2006 Nijmegen Marches can talk about it. The walking event that year was run under very hot conditions, it was downright hot, and that two participants had disastrous consequences. They died during the event and dozens of others had to be treated in hospital.


The body can not function at high temperatures. It should not be warmer than 42 degrees. If the body temperature higher than a man do not survive. The process which is then put in motion is irreversible.
  • Bodies fall out;
  • blood from clotting;
  • proteins fall apart.


A man overheats when the body's heat is unable to drain. A body at rest is about 37.2 degrees warm. By exertion muscles produce heat and the body will sweat to dissipate this heat. If that is not enough to go than the blood vessels in the skin are open. The runner will turn red. Normally, this should be sufficient to dissipate the heat and to restore the balance. There is, if all goes well, a balance with a higher body temperature.


Overheating can occur due to wear warm clothing so that the heat can be dissipated sufficiently. Other factors also play a role in case of overheating, such as ambient temperature, the power of the sun and high humidity.
It makes a big difference whether you're well trained and good with heat can go to. This differs for each person.


Despite the alarming reports about overheating and heart failure after a running tour is moving still healthier than not do. Endurance athletes tend to live longer than those who hardly get out of their chairs. It saves about 6 years, 7 to 8.


There is movement and there is movement; you can occasionally a couple of kilometers run or you can indulge in one marathon after another. Marathon running is not really healthy. In general, it can be said that recreational walk are better for humans. Who has a limited sporting talent can be better not dare to extreme events.


Running you can build. Wander first hour fast before you watch the speed, it is the opinion of sports scientists. Build it quiet to avoid injuries. Heart and lungs adapt fairly quickly to the effort and to get in shape quickly, but for joints that lasts longer, as for the muscles. Who like a mad start running may experience such as the knees.


Athletes do well to have himself regularly, so that the healthy urge to move remains very healthy and does not harm the body. In Italy, the test for participants in sports events already required. Without adequate medical test result should not you walk along there. The doctor examines the urine, measure the blood pressure and fat percentage and looks at lung function and listen to the heart. After so ?? s test with a positive result is still not one hundred percent ruled out, but it makes the risk of problems smaller. Remains important to stop in time if it does not feel good and not to embark on a marathon in doubt.