How to become vet?

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To be have minimal vet VWO Atheneum or Gymnasium for training as needed, with the subjects physics and health in the profile. If you want to be a veterinarian with a havo diploma, so you will have to learn some more. You could go to the secondary school after secondary school. Veterinary Medicine in the Netherlands can only study in Utrecht. If there are many applications must be drawn in order to be admitted to the study. Veterinary education can in Netherlands only at the University of Utrecht, to follow the faculty of veterinary medicine. The training lasts six years. Some students pursue their studies in Belgium or Germany or England. In the first year of your studies in the Netherlands you have to make a choice whether you want to specialize in farm animals such as cows, sheep, pigs and chickens, or ?? regular ?? pets, such as cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits ?? s. If you choose to farm animals, it is likely that you later when you have finished your studies, looking for work as a veterinarian for livestock. Cattle can be found in major cities barely, so a doctor for farm animal you become if you'd like to work with large animals'd like to live in the country or for other reasons if you really like vet for farm animals want.
You choose the pet if you want to become a veterinarian especially common pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea ?? s, turtles, etc., are going to handle.
If you choose which direction you want to study, your courses during your studies already adapted to your choice.


In the fifth and sixth years of the study, followed by a student internships, taking you from everything you have learned up to this point can engage in the practice. During internships, students get some experience for when they later have to work independently.

Veterinarian for large or small animals?

If your doctor for agricultural animals, see days very different than if you treat companion animals. In a practice for pet patients are more likely to practice then forwarded when you're a vet for cattle. Visits are for ordinary pets then driven mainly for emergencies. A veterinarian visits the farm animals sick animals more often, because a cow or a pig, you do not spend a moment to practice increasing. These vets help much more common in deliveries of cattle and other animals, and they will often have to perform a Caesarean section in a stable.
A veterinarian is also often works preventively, so to prevent diseases and infections by diseases. Think of vaccinations to prevent outbreaks of disease epidemics.
A veterinarian must often see in a short time to discover what is wrong with an animal or something serious is going on. Sometimes need emergency surgery to be performed.

Refresher course for graduate veterinarians

A veterinarian who has graduated just like a doctor for people obliged to attend in-service training regularly, to ensure that he / she is well abreast of new drugs or treatments. Refresher return each year because there are always new developments, but also to ensure that veterinarians remain up to date with their knowledge.