How to grow your own weed?

Miscellaneous JfreemanMD August 8, 2016 59 0
In the Netherlands you can grow yourself at home five cannabis plants. Since you have no need for expensive lighting equipment; you can put them in the garden or on a balcony in the sun. Cannabis plants also do well at home in front of a window. At home cultivation is part of the policy of tolerance. Upon discovery by the police not to prosecute gone in less than five plants without the use of a grow lamp. However, the plant can still be seized.


  • Excessive weed
  • Sow
  • Garlic
  • Water
  • Bloom
  • Male / female
  • Harvest
  • Dry

Excessive weed

Lately there have been many reports in the Netherlands that the weed has become stronger. The THC content of cannabis has become much higher over the years. If you weed grow without all the artificial devices as lamps and growth and flowering fertilizer than the cannabis is old fashioned relaxed strength. Also, you should ensure yourself that you no chemical substances are growing and flowering with smoking. In addition, marijuana plants sometimes secretly sprayed with all sorts of means to strengthen the effect on the mind. Indeed, there is no control of landings. This is a consequence of the policy of tolerance.


You stop the weed seeds between March and May in the ground. In early June can still biting. Once the plants are large enough you should repot them in a pot with 10 liters of soil. It is recommended to start within the plants; so keep them protected from wind, rain and snails. If they are big and strong enough they may well against all kinds of weather.


Cannabis plants sometimes suffer from spider mites. This is an animal that the plant wraps in white threads. The plant is thus unusable. There are chemical agents against spider mites. A better solution is a garlic clove plants in the same pot where the cannabis plant capable. The plant is therefore a little bit smell of garlic. For a spider is enough to stay away from the plant. If you ever see a ladybug on your plant, you must never chase off. He eats include the sap of your plant.


The plant needs plenty of water throughout the summer, definitely every day. If its leaves hang you have to give him water quickly limp. Within a few minutes after watering the plant is again cheerful at.


Around mid-August, the plant begins to flower. Then come the tops of the plant that are used to consume. Cannabis plants have both male and female. The males fertilize the females. If you drop these plants together, hundreds of seeds arise in the female plant and the tops are not consumable. Therefore, you must remove the males. In the coffee shops are only tops of female plants. The picture shows a male plant. He's hanging balls as flour. If he looks like he's the female plant to fertilize.

Male / female

Male Possibly you can check whether your in June with a female or male plant plant're doing. For this purpose, it is necessary to make a cutting of the plant. Label the site and the plant with the same brand. For this site you need rooting powder which is for sale at a garden center. If the site after one week is rooted, you can let him into premature flourish. This can be done by ensuring that he receives less light. In August the plant automatically gets less light as the days get shorter. This is the sign for the plant to thrive. If you put the cuttings in a dark room and just 10 hours a day in the sun, he is going to flourish within a few days. Turns out the site to be a male, then you can throw away the plant with the same brand as the site.


By mid-October you can harvest. The harvest time depends on how many cannabis plants receive sunlight. Some need a few weeks earlier, others later be harvested. If you plant the weed too long let alone take the weed in quality sharply. In the weeks before the harvest time can cause the plants nuisance by the strong smell. You could put him in the last days. It is also beneficial for the revenue because the plant does not undergo adverse effects of high winds and rain.


Cannabis has to dry for 3 to 5 days, and are then stored in tightly closed, for example, a cookie jar. Well dried marijuana can be stored for years. How do you get that weed seeds? No. Just let it grow. Beyond weed blooms from mid August.