How to make friends when you have low self esteem?

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One of the tips to better your skin sit and confidence building is as much as possible with positive people to go and make friends with them. But how do you do that if you feel strongly insecure and troubled by negative thoughts? You may feel even excluded from the group of people with whom you'd like to handle it. It makes you may wonder why positive people would want to deal with someone who is struggling with his or her negativity. How can you break this vicious circle and both more confident and get more friends?

The interaction of friendship and confidence

One or more good friendships and an extensive and strong social network promote your sense of well-being. Consider in this context to your emotional health and particularly to your self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-respect and above all confidence.
To conclude lasting friendship, you do not in all respects to have a positive attitude towards life. But some degree of positive standing in the world, is necessary for getting and keeping true friends. Experience everything as negative, please consider therapy.
Friendship is a matter of give and take on an equal footing. In a relationship with a good friend is always a two-way. As long as you have enough self-confidence that you can both give and take, it is possible to make and keep friends.

Should you hide your negative feelings about your friends?

If you suffer from a lack of self-worth, self-esteem and / or confidence, you probably suffer from negative feelings.
Perhaps you wonder whether those feelings to your friends, you'd better hide, because there's nothing to do. " Nevertheless, it is no longer the best as far as possible yourself are in a relationship. Friends and acquaintances probably soon see through a false manner.
That does not mean that it is wise in spite of all your powerlessness, insecurity and other feelings that still point to a lack of confidence to have maximum attention for the needs of your friends and support them where possible. That is not only good for your friends, but that way you will also increase your self-esteem.

Can you lack confidence also develop positively in a relationship?

Most people have one or more areas of their lives suffer from feelings of insecurity and recognize other people such as a lack of confidence. If you are the content of your own feelings of uncertainty exactly aware where they are and what it does to you from, this can help to bring about a meaningful contact with a companion, because you can empathize with each other's experience well.

Looking for a healthy balance in your relationships

Friendships and other relationships work best when there is a certain balance in what you bring in those relationships and what you get in return. In the shorter or longer term unequal relationships are doomed to fail.

Tips for positive relationships with other people

  • Make an overview of positive people with whom you would like more contact
  • Search once a day with at least one contact person
  • Show interest in your contacts
  • Ask for constructive support
  • Check with people who know you well, how about you come
  • Avoid leagues with your friends

Make an overview of positive people with whom you would like more contact

Make an overview of your friends and / or family members that you regard as positive. Cast on people with whom you would like to have more contact.

Search once daily as with at least one contact person

Take yourself to every day at least one, but preferably more people you put on that list, to contact me. For example by e-mail or phone call. Or, rather, by making a brief chat. If it is pleasant, you can occasionally some time to spend together or with each other, for example during a lunch somewhere or get something to drink.
It is counterproductive if you attacked someone with a lot of long-mails or phone calls. You do not want to be seen as a sort of stalker. Keep those contacts therefore short. Think of some sentences in an email message or a conversation of one minute or five. If someone indicates a border, for example, along the lines of 'I'm quite busy, respect them.
If you still find it too hard every day to seek a short and informal contact with one person, you may need to start every other day to look for a casual contact with someone.
You will find that these informal contacts you become better go down and this will help you to get some confidence in your ability to establish contacts and maintain. It will also grow your confidence.

Show interest in your contacts

You can show the best interest for you contact him or her occasionally to ask a question and listen carefully to the answer. The answers to your questions can you possibly use later as the basis for new questions. That way you get to know your contacts better.
Also note that you are thinking of someone's birthday and other days that are special to someone. For example if you know someone on a certain day expecting the results of an examination or a medical examination.
By showing interest in the fortunes of your relationships, you make it clear that their thoughts and feelings and what they experience for you are important, in other words, that you are a true friend of them wants to be.

Ask for constructive support from your friends

If you would like support from one or more of your friends want, then try to tackle these in a constructive way. Prevent you suck the energy out of your relationships, through often complain about what all goes wrong or does not want to succeed in your life.
Walk not buy your lack of self-confidence, but do not hide it, because in both cases the relationship will seem forced.
Ask friends not to take a problem of yours, but to think with you about possible solutions.

Check with people who know you well, how about you come

Ask people who esteems you and who you think they know you well, what they think of the way you come across. What do they see as your strengths? And what they think are areas for improvement?
Along this road you can work constructively on your skills in various areas while increasing your confidence.

Avoid leagues with your friends

Try competitions with your friends about who's the best, the most, the most expensive and so has to go out of the way. In this way turns friendship into a fight over who live in the best neighborhood, whose best chance for a better job or who has the most expensive car.
Such comparisons friendship acid. Furthermore, you will notice that you can probably such contests rarely "win" (and the same goes for those of you who feel you are in some respects 'better off' than you.

What if you're shy?

Shyness is often accompanied by a lack of confidence in the social traffic. If you find it difficult to take the initiative to make contact with people, you consider the following work for you.
  • Feel something to volunteer with an organization with a goal that you would like to help achieve?
  • Or to stretch along with your fellow students or colleagues in the lunch break my legs?
  • Whether you log on to an association or a training institution in order to learn together with others to make such as music, painting or cooking?
  • If you do too much dread, perhaps you can put a book in the library or in a park or possibly a tearoom read. Then you are at least in the company of other people and no one expects you to 'cozy' does. And who knows, you there'll be a like-minded person against whom the 'clicks'.

In therapy go if you lack confidence you stand in the way of friendships?

Do you feel that your presence works negatively on the mood of your party? Or currently seems everything 'deep black'? Then you would do well to seek out a skilled therapist to help you figure out what the underlying causes of your insecurity and / or depression and how you can best tackle.
In other cases, you can think of a course or training in positive thinking, or boost your confidence. Whether you start with applying practical tips to make vergroten.Vrienden your confidence when you are suffering from a lack of self-confidence, is not simple and requires a lot of courage.
If the tips above you seem difficult and also practical tips for increasing your self-confidence will help you to feel your not fast enough further, you might consider to go into therapy. Along with a therapist, you can then figure out where you lack self-confidence comes from and how you can best deal with it, while developing greater self-confidence. Moreover, you can then practice in a safe environment in certain social situations and learn how to build lasting friendships with other people and enjoy it.