How to protect yourself from negative energies

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You'll also sometimes tiring to be around stressed or negative people? Have you ever attended a dramatic situation, and you felt that your energy level sank, while not personally been involved in? Everyone is familiar with this kind of fatigue feeling, and this has probably experienced several times in his life. This is because we constantly absorb energies of people and objects around us. Thoughts, emotions, and words of people, have a strong influence on our mental and physical wellbeing. Against this negative energies of others and our environment, we can protect ourselves by making use of tools that are very effective against combating these negative energies.


It is normal that people are skeptical about the healing power of crystals; but you do only but to turn to the science and technology to find evidence on the measurable affects that have crystals. Crystals are used in many objects we use everyday like sillicum, which is used in all computers, mobile phones and LCDs. Also, quartz, a silicate which is used to control time in watches and clocks.
Many crystals, especially the dark color like black onyx, obsidian, amethyst, fluorite and tigers eye, ward off negative energy and cleanse your aura. The crystals can relieve stress, boost your creativity, help to heal and raise your consciousness to a higher level. It is important to remember, when you work with crystals your intentions should be positive, and openness is required for the proper functioning of the crystals.

Sage smudging

The North American indigenous tradition of smudging / burning white sage bundles several generations used to remove negative energy from the body and mind. With the right intention and respect, the cleaning process can purify your energy on possible problems that lie deep in the subconscious saved. Burning of sage, can help you to let go of past emotions from the past; negative emotions like hatred and fear, which are stuck in a negative interaction or situation, as well as those harmful energy of others hang around in your psyche.

Essential oils

The use of natural and medicinal properties of oils has increased in popularity, since more and more people are beginning to see the negative side effects of some modern healing practices. Essential oils such as sandalwood, niaouli and myrrh all have powerful cleansing properties, and also smell delicious. By the use of these essential oils, there is created a connection, between a healthy mental and physical state.
When you use the oils, it is important that you inhale their aroma, either directly or through an oil diffuser. You can place drops of oil at specific locations around the head, such as the back of the neck, crown of the head or between the eyebrows.


Similar to sage smoke and oil, incense is also known for its purifying effect. Incense is not right to keep the best option for psychic attacks on others, but rather suitable for the purification of areas. Make sure that your natural incense used without harmful added artificial fragrances. Nag champa incense sticks and Tibetian are the best in their category.

White light meditation

Science proves time and again that meditation is a powerful therapeutic method. You can make a quick and easy meditation, in order to protect yourself from psychic attacks. During a meditation session, you close your eyes, breathe in and out, and imagine that you are surrounded by a bright white light, which can be around you, around a person or object you want to protect. You decide how long you close your eyes and how bright your light to grow. When you open your eyes again, just go through the meditation, by trusting that the white light will remain with you, and will take you in protection.

Showering and bathing

Taking a shower or bath, with the right intention, the negative energies can take away. Just like white light meditation, it is the intention of your thoughts is very important. Imagine the water while showering or bathing, washing away all negative energy from your body. When bathing, you can use essential oils, epsom salt, crystals, and petals for enhancing the cleaning process. After bathing or showering, you can use essential oils to lubricate the skin. You can use the oils mentioned above, or others who have a good effect on the skin, such as lavender or ylang ylang. The mixing of oil droplets, in your lotion, or with fractionated coconut oil is also an option.


Words, even if they are not pronounced, but are present only in mind have a great influence on the creation of your reality. When words are spoken, they have a greater effect because they cause vibration / vibration, which can ensure that the energetic body can get in or just out of balance. The singing of these mantras, you can help remove negative energy:
  • KRIM - Is used to stimulate the lower chakra of the body and begins with the purification of the body.
  • HUM - Used for breaking negativity and spreads positive energy and vitality throughout the body.
  • LAM - Used contaminants collected in erasing the body and release energy blockages so that the prana / life energy to flow freely through all your energy channels.

You can also sing your own personal mantra, with words and phrases that you feel good with yourself, to remove negative energies. As long as it feels right it has its effect.


Similarly with mantras, sounds of bells, gongs, and bells used in yoga exercises, to drive away negative spirits. In our modern times, wind bells known for their relaxing giving effect to humans. The vibrations created by the wind clocks move through the air and break the negative energy in the space around us. They also vibrate your energetic body, and raise your frequency to a higher level.


Amulets and talismans, with the specific aim of protecting human spirit, are common in different religious traditions; like the Christian cross, the rosary and hamsa with the Muslims. But precisely such as to crystals, it is the intention, and the belief in it, which ensures that it has its effect. If you believe that nothing will help, it will have no effect.