How to write a paper or essay

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Difficulty in writing a paper? That's normal if you do not use a thoughtful roadmap. A paper always responds to a problem, extensive and well-founded. The only difference between a paper and an essay, is the freedom you get. Nowadays, both terms are used almost interchangeably. With this guide and tips will be writing a paper child. A paper writing is a long process, but also applies here: A good start is half the battle! It is therefore important that there is worked in steps. Will you keep to the schedule to get the best result.

Prep work

Step one: The problem
Start by searching for a specific problem. The theme that you served can be very vague and imprecise. First you have to analyze the theme, exploring go over. Then choose a more focused aspect of the theme, you can does not write about everything. Some things are simply more interesting and important than others.
Please note that you do not formulate the ultimate problem too narrowly. There must be enough to obtain information on.
Step two: Gather information
In this step, you should seek as much information as possible. The internet is the main source of this, but limit you certainly do not. Also, newspapers, books and articles consulted the best. At this time, it is not the intention of a critical look at the content. In the next step we separate the wheat from the chaff. Remember do not forget to note all sources. Schools and universities are becoming stricter on the proper citing sources. Forgot something can be catastrophic.
Look at all items collected in a critical manner. Set reliability and importance in doubt.
Step three: Processing information
An efficient method is to summarize your sources in a few key words. Place these keywords in order of importance in a list. It goes without saying that some sources are only a support, others crucial.
You can also operate via the principle of mind mapping, you hereby write words that come to mind. Around each word is then placed schematically other concepts. The processing of information is essential because if the structure of your paper is gradually taking shape.

The writing

Step one: middle
Start by writing the core, the introduction and the conclusion will be discussed later.
  • Be aware, every word must be well thought out. Delete unnecessary information, short and concise is always better.
  • Using a quote here and there adds value, more certainly not exaggerating.
  • Make good use of paragraphs.
  • Do not use complicated sentence structures to impress, something still is not working. Write a clear, fluent text.
  • Choose a well-fitting verb rather than a simple verb with an adverb or adjective in there. Here are doing is really worthwhile.
  • Ensure proper punctuation.
  • Have someone else read your work. Another will make it easier ambiguities and typographical errors in the text. Be critical of yourself.
  • Beware of plagiarism!

Step two: Introduction *
  • Tell the reader what to expect. Arouse curiosity and involve him in the subject.
  • Explain to where you have restricted the theme, so he will not be disappointed with the contents of the center.
  • Formulate your research question or problem.
  • A good introduction is very important.

Step Three: The decree *
  • Summarize your findings briefly.
  • Be sure to include any new information.
  • Formulate your own opinion about the findings.
  • A good decision is also extremely important.

* Of course, apply to the introduction and also decide the tips and rules for writing the middle.
Finally, make sure all spelling errors are adjusted. Maintain a neat layout with the same font throughout. 'm Certainly not fooling around with overly bright colors and toys, a paper is supposed to be sober and clear.