How to write a speech, tricks and tips

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Statements are one of the most written articles and in terms of importance is difficult to overestimate. How do you now write an explanation, what are the tricks and secrets?

The exposition

The purpose of the presentation is to inform the reader about a particular subject. You try to inform therefore, your own opinion should not have a large share in the text over you as you come in the field of argument. Below I will first discuss the format of the essay, and then conclude with some general tips to make it even easier!

First: The Introduction

In a presentation you call clear in the introduction to the subject of the text. Because you want to inform the reader, you must make clear and unambiguous the subject. ?? A computer, Aspire line ?? is an example of what not to do. Better ?? Acer Aspire 5715Z ?? because it is much clearer what is the actual subject of your piece. One explanation may however be built up around a question or problem. A good tip when writing early in the introduction to a question where the answer reader will want to have; so you buoy the reader. Please also explain in the introduction to determine the structure of your discourse and allow the reader to see which structure will give the presentation. This is for the reader a guide through your piece.

The middle

After the introduction, you come to the difficult part of the discussion, because you're here deep in the fabric must be to inform the reader really. There are several structures that you can use to shape the information that you want to transfer.
Question and answer structure
In the introduction you have a question which you then in the middle step is going to answer. Always try to answer the question in several parts, so you do not suddenly turn up with an answer to which should then be fully proven. If you choose this structure, the conclusion in the form of a conclusion or summary in which you repeat repeats the question from the introduction and shortens the response.
Statement Structure
In the introduction you mentioned a phenomenon, after which you cite examples in the middle, consequences, causes and effects. You dissects the phenomenon as it were, to give the reader a clear picture of the phenomenon that needs an explanation as you. So choose not phenomena that have already been discussed several times, but go in the gaps with other writers.
Research Structure
This structure is widely used within the science, because you display in the introduction what has been done to study and then discuss in the middle of the implementation and results. Such as where a chemical test that you have done and the results that you want to explain to the reader.
Troubleshooting Structure
In the introduction you call a problem and you argued why it is a problem. In the middle you discuss the causes and consequences of the problem, then you can suggest a solution to the problem in the lock.


As you for this purpose have been able to read all, the structure of the slot is dependent on the structure of the riser. Always remember that one must logically arise from the other, because otherwise you will lose the reader still halfway. Always keep the structure that you have chosen, right in the eye. Write it if necessary on a sheet which you hang on the corner of the screen.

Some remarks

Remember when writing good that you want to inform your readers. Provide complete and accurate information, because a half discussion will only make your readers will lose. Try to keep as closely as possible to the chosen structure; If that fails, it usually means that you have chosen the wrong structure. Beginning in so ?? s case, just re-writing.
A few tips regarding writing: Humor is attractive to read, as long as it stays within limits. The same goes for quotes, do not use them too much and avoid clichés. Do you want to attract a large audience and readers really provide information? Then write about topics that others have not yet ventured into. But above all, believe in what you write. What useful! Snap it all.