How yoga can contribute to a good night's sleep

Health dukehuge August 8, 2016 0 0
Sleep is essential and although we all know that, trying many sleepless fellows through medication to sleep. And of course, does this often, but the cause or remove proceed in a natural way still preferred. Let the body do its work itself. Yoga has some exercises that can contribute to better sleep alone.


During sleep, recharge our body as it were, and sense that if you're not sleeping well with some regularity, this effect will have on your performance. Think about:
  • loss of concentration
  • irritability
  • declining resistance
  • uncanny feeling
Insomnia can be stress at work e / o private area, this is one of the most common causes, but also think about depression.
Yet, apart from drugs, all kinds of possibilities to sleep. Yoga also has a number of exercises quietly prepare your body for a quality sleep. For one night only when the sleepless seems to be, for others a daily ritual. Whichever you choose, it's whether you are comfortable with.

Some exercises

But before you start the exercises, first just lay stretched, without anything too tight or discomfort. Try to focus your thoughts directly to perform exercises.
Lying butterfly
Place a pillow lengthwise behind you and sit with your buttocks against the short side of the pillow. Pull your knees so your feet as close as possible to your buttocks. Finally lie quietly as you exhale, while keeping your back and head end up on the pillow. Then put your feet together and pull them as close to your body. Your bent legs fall ?? ?? out and you tilt your pelvis. Keep up are a 3 to 4 many minutes, while focuses on a quiet breathing. Repeat the exercise as required.
Does not sound very nice, but feels great. Lie down with your legs and arms which apart. The feet fall outwards and the palms face the ceiling. Focus now on your breathing and stretch your breathing ever further. Your breathing becomes deeper and longer and for exhalation take a little more time as for inhalation. Let the body feel gravity. Stay confident are so ?? s five minutes in this position. Many people use this attitude to totally relax to start the other yoga exercises, but also work in preparation for sleep.
Reclining Hero
Sit on your knees and put a pillow lengthwise behind you. Make sure your knees stay together, but let the lower legs pointing slightly outwards. So you can as it were sitting down between your legs. Now breathe out slowly and lean backwards and make sure that you lie on your back and head on the pillow. If you are unable to come on the pillow in this way, put an extra cushion on top. The arms are slightly away from the body and palms face outward. Continue to a 2 to 3 minutes in this lying posture. When you are finished exercising, you come up on an inhalation.
Standing before bowing
Stand up and put your feet slightly apart. Now breathe deeply, get big and then go slowly with your location above the floor. Make sure your feet remain firmly on the ground.
Stay a second stand minutes in this position and make sure your breath is long and deep. Each breath should relax a little more. When you're done you get your hands on your hips back to normal standing posture.


If you're a little more practiced in the attitude control of your breathing, because that is essential to yoga, you can also use the worrying moments to wave them away slowly. In perspective, look at why you have stress and try to let go by the perspective. Slowly the thoughts float away again.