How you doing siege truly successful?

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Monetize investments: many dream of, others realize it too. The road to several tons is not so far away, and really anyone can do it, that's the beauty of it. With a little time and patience do you all very very far! The stock market, shares, which is something many people are negative about. And unjustified. The stock market is just full of possibilities.
Recently, a highly experienced investor ?? I see saving as a variable, it sometimes falls hard, and sometimes it rises adamant ??. They were striking words, especially since it also requires a lot of emotional detachment, because who squeezes ?? m now not when you investment ?? 10,000 - month sees decline sequentially in value? Fear is a dangerous emotion to invest!
What do you therefore need to be successful? Correct: discipline, time and patience.
The following paragraphs are a few tips to be successful in the stock market.

 Tip 1: start young

Currently there on the TV advertising of an asset manager, with the tip to start early with investing. This is nothing but truth!
The earlier you start, the better. When you're young you still have plenty of free time and investment is required once a long-winded, so only start on your 60 th ?? makes little sense. The best is of course if you have a family member that you can make some ropes. And stab invest mainly time in reading books.
In short, the younger you start, the longer you have the time to grow your capital and the younger adult you are successful. But how do you realize this? Please read the following tips.

 Tip 2: invest monthly

Insert each month an X amount of your income automatically into a mutual fund. Here you have no further need to worry about the fund and care of the rest. Do not choose exotic fund or an emerging markets fund or a fund that has cost a lot or anything like that, but a true value fund. Value investing is actually the best investment method.
Why then a mutual fund? A fund invests spread and that is not possible for many individuals, and spread is absolutely important.
Perhaps you know the formula ?? dollar cost averaging ?? . This means that you are buying more and a small portion effects over a long period of time. You therefore buy even more when the market is low and less when the market is high.
 Growth capital: monthly 200 euro so you stop investing EUR 200 each month into a fund, noting the 20 euro fund, you automatically buy 10 pieces. Note the fund a year later, for example, 100 euro, you buy automatically 2. So you buy more if the shares into which the Fund invests are cheaper, and less if the shares are expensive.
Right you see a chart here, a picture often says more than 1000 words indeed.
For example, you invest monthly 200 euros in a fund with a return of 8% per year, then you have after 30 years of 249 054 Euro.

 Tip 3: time and patience

Did you know that Warren Buffet met most of its assets are cleared AFTER 50 ?? th? Power grows really hard after years! This you have seen in the chart at tip 2. The line on the graph is as the years pass, more and more vertical. Time and patience are therefore two very important features that should have a successful investor. How tempting it might also be in order after five years to withdraw some money to buy a product, do not. Your return will get pounded! Plan the stick, and stick to the plan Wijk therefore not deviate from your path, but be disciplined. Also for this reason, referring back to tip one, so start young. If you're 16 and you put some money away every month in a mutual fund, you will have on your 46 th ?? already some 100 000 euros!

 Tip 4: Keep it simple

Do what you understand, and understand what you are doing. The simpler the better. Investors who understand nothing of it and just follow the crowd, performing significantly better than investors who understand something. There are plenty of beginners who think two months to know how everything works and will incur humiliating losses. Do so especially not things that you do not understand. Buy no-risk options or turbo ?? s. If you want to do this anyway, make sure you know how it works and you do ALWAYS separate portfolios. So create a separate account with a max. Amount of play money. WARNING Never transfer money from your successful investors account to your gaming account.

 Tip 5: Last but not least .. dividend!

Dividend is the main source of capital! You probably know the compound interest effect, or compounding interest.
 Shell returns with or without reinvested dividends, invest in dividend payout thus FOREVER! Do not give it out to a new phone or anything, but reinvest it. See the effect of reinvested dividends in the graph on the right. The red line shows the efficiency dividend is issued. The blue line befitting a successful investor, which are indeed dividends reinvested and thus its ability to develop many successful shows. You can see who the real winner is.
Find hence no such shares or investment funds pay dividends. The return will be similar to the above red line Shell. So again, a dividend is very important.


You have now read a few tips on how to be successful at the fair. It takes a while before you can say "I am successful", but then you remember that after your studies do not directly get the CEO post at Shell. It comes with age. But unlike hard work for your money, the money works for you now. All the successful investor has to do is be calm and patient and continue.
Briefly, the tips at a glance:
  • Start young, therefore you have more time to grow your assets;
  • Siege monthly, with the familiar dollar cost averaging formula;
  • Have time and patience, the key to success;
  • Keep it simple, do what you know and understand what you are doing;
  • Dividend is the main source of capital, herbeleg this always!

Good luck!