I'm terrified that I did not save it - Column Marielle de Vries

Miscellaneous cabosan August 8, 2016 1 0

I have set myself a goal. In late May, when I go to one of my favorite festivals, I will weigh ten kilos less. And to give myself a bit to pressure, I have it right away but posted on Facebook. I'm already behind myself that if I do not set a goal ... I really do not lose weight.

 That gave me a personal note on a good friend. She is also trying very hard to lose kilos. And we support each other. She told me that she thought it was so good to me the button, and how I had come off the bench. For several weeks I walk all at least twice to the office and back. That's a half hour of exercise a day.

My lazy self

My answer was as obvious as confrontational. I started a little enough to get my lazy self. She recognized the problem. "I would also ask myself a target, but I'm not so good," she said. When I asked why not, she answered, "I'm afraid I did not get my goal. And I hate myself. "


Thus they also put his finger on the sore spot with me. I'm terrified that I did not make it. Those ten kilos off, a day before leaving for the festival. The devil in my head regularly comes up to tell me that it was not going to succeed. "Half a kilo a week is much, Marielle!" For now I like stiff full. No meat, minimizing processed foods and lots of fruits and vegetables. And that devil ... get wrong!