I want to quit smoking

Health limaopreto December 9, 2016 5 11
After the years many myths and facts about smoking have surfaced. The markets for smoking cessation and their tools have grown enormously. The crisis in the Netherlands gets people to stop smoking. But in retrospect it works only a small group to definitively abandon the filthy habit. Tasty smoke a cigarette before going to bed or after a good meal there is some no longer. They want to stop and often do not know where to start. They roam the internet, to seek advice on the symptoms ?? rehab ?? as much as possible to dim.

Myths about quitting smoking

In recent years, the myths and facts about quitting smoking grown tremendously, there are also texts on packets of tobacco and cigarettes to give you an extra push in the back. But when you find out what the myths and facts, you drop all the courage in the shoes.
Myths about quitting smoking:
  • A few cigarettes a day can not hurt
  • If I stop, it will increase my weight.
  • I smoke for so long, has quit still make sense for me?
  • Nicotine replacement will not change my addiction.
  • Nicotine substitutes do not work
  • Light cigarettes will not hurt.
  • Nicotine substitutes are more expensive than by smoking.

A few cigarettes a day may indeed be evil, they hamper your fitness and increase your blood pressure. It is also a myth that you have to come to if you stop smoking. By smoking your appetite is often less. Because you stop you will want to find an occupation. One picks up a pen to chew and grabs the other of liquorice and other sweets. Healthy low-fat snacks may reduce your desire after a cigarette touching. Also you can drink some more water.
Facts about smoking cessation.
  • Your condition is raised
  • You get a puff of a cigarette over 4000 chemicals inside and about 70 carcinogens.
  • Nicotine replacements need your short-lived, so it's a first edition but expensive on an annual basis is already cheaper.

Yes I do

You've decided to quit smoking, but how do you start it? You can see what you think is best. Do you have ready the pens? Or drop? All right. But first it is important that YOU want to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is a struggle which no one says it's easy. It is you want that to stop, you must be the one who has enough discipline to stop smoking. It is because you body has to stop.


Some people try to reduce smoking, I can tell you, it's not working. Itself already tried several times, without success. 25 of 20 cigarette after cigarette after 15 cigarettes per day, and then suddenly you're back to 20 cigarettes a day. The reduction of heavy to medium duty shag makes no sense.

How do I stop?

Quitting smoking is a difficult battle, but if you really want then you can also do it. First of all, you always can just simply just throw the cigarette aside and further carry on with what you were doing. This method is one of the most difficult method. Then you can still try to quit several people smoking. So you have some support to each other. Did you know that there are even special chatrooms to quit smoking? Then we have the nepsigaret, but to what extent is a person who works very differently. Or what about nicotine patches and gum? They pick the greatest desires away. And give you a helping hand, to reduce the demand after a cigarette and forget. Try to find as many advantages of quitting smoking and remember it well, if you desire after a cigarette then just think of the benefits.
To never try too much of your desire sometimes do not manage at once, but do not give up right. What you also can do is use a specific day to quit smoking, so you can mentally prepare for it and you will automatically be already cut down on smoking.