IDF - the Israeli army: Logistics, Medical and Centers

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The Israeli Logistics, Medical Centers and management is responsible for logistical tasks, in particular the construction of military bases, maintenance of medical infrastructure, provide food for the soldiers as well as fuel and maintenance of equipment.


The Logistics Department is responsible for all logistics related to necessities and missions. The department contains many areas of research, planning, development, improvement, production, rehabilitation and maintenance, computerization, medical services, construction services, transport, etc.
The goal of the Logistics Department, the responsibility for providing the readiness of the logistical connection of the Tsahal during war and resolve logistical issues that come up during peacetime and emergency in the following areas: planning and organizing ground logistics compound and its activity, the qualifications of those who serve in the connection and all this in accordance with the policies of the General Staff. In addition, the determination of a doctrine and the deposit of logistics and medical policy and the maintenance of logistics which allow a continuous warfare on the ground, in the air and at sea.
Logistical, medical and centers Department


The following function centers:
Ammunition Center:
providing ammunition to all commands and units; selling unsuitable ammunition; repair of ammunition and missiles, removing ammunition, systems development, construction concepts for the development of new weapons systems.
Combat Equipment Center:
administration, weapons and communications equipment for the units.
Construction Centre:
records of all construction projects of the ground troops.
Equipment Center:
responsible for providing clothes, shoes and other equipment of the units.
Fuels Center:
responsible for the supply of fuel products to all divies of the IDF.
Commission Center:
responsible for everything to do with commissions and fees for services has units, prisons and police. It uses several methods in order to provide food, like kitchens run by IDF personnel or contacts with catering services.
Transport Centre:
leads all means of air, sea and ground transportation. The staff is completely suitable for the supply routes of the units and easy assist combat troops.


The Medical Corps is responsible for providing health services and medical care and instruction for all levels of the IDF. During wars or emergencies it has authority over the civilian health system.
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