Ikano Bank: credit Ikea

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Who are home like fun and inexpensive wants to organize, buy at the Swedish department store chain Ikea. And they miss the necessary funds for the purchase of furniture, then there may also be a loan with Swedish origin shutdown via the Ikano Bank: "Borrowing at its Scandinavian", which promises at least the Ikano Bank, a subsidiary of the founder of IKEA.

The range of Ikano Bank

Consumer loans under the name ?? Kash Borgen ?? the Ikano bank, the customer offers plenty of room for personal interpretation of the funding:
  • duration and amount of credit the borrower can determine to some extent self;
  • and also in other details the provider has the cozy Scandinavian lifestyle high priority, "If good friends among themselves."

Features IKEA credit at Ikano Bank

  • a loan at Ikano Bank is possible for amounts ?? 2,000 to a maximum of ?? 10,000.
  • the duration may vary from one to ten years;
  • The interest is based on the life of the loan and the credit worthiness of the customer;
  • our eastern neighbors, where the Ikano Bank a little longer active, Kash Borgen offers consumer loans with an effective annual interest rate of 3.99% in the books;
  • and also interesting, as Swedish financial institution does Ikano Bank no BKR inquiry!

Credit in combination with residual debt insurance

Together with the credit is a payment protection in the form of a residual amount of insurance offered under the name "Sikkerhet". This insurance guarantees the repayment of the installments in the event of death, disability or unemployment of the borrower.

Benefits of credit at the Ikano Bank

  • whom only a small financial deficit must be overcome, do with ?? Kash Borgen ?? do not take huge amounts;
  • The credit, which is not tied to a particular purchase is possible from a price of 2,000 euros;
  • also the term the customer can choose himself. Alternatively he can also decide how high monthly repayment must be, of course, to the extent that fits within the chosen period;
  • by completing their data in an online calculator, the borrower can also calculate the potential interest for the relevant period;
  • Another positive aspect is the relatively quick turnaround time: information regarding the loan can be expected according to the applicant within three working days, after which a "quick disbursement" is promised;
  • the loan application including the required proof of income the client can submit online or by mail;
  • also refund the customer for a part can be very flexible and measured to determine its funding: who has temporary payment problems during the term can suspend a payment twice a year;
  • and if the borrower is financially for the wind, he can make extra repayments, whenever and as often as he wants, regardless of the level of such additional payments;
  • a change in repayment must obviously be pre-announced or otherwise the original deadline of the first of the month is simply written off again.

Applying for a loan at Ikano Bank

The application of the Ikano bank is relatively extensive and requires the applicant a little discipline. After all, one has to provide many details on its financial obligations, real estate, housing, and of course his income. But all in all is when applying for a loan Scandinavian simplicity in comparison with the Dutch bureaucracy.
The final interest rate and the installment amount, the customer obviously heard only after examination of the application, but usually within three days. Other banks are faster, but require less.