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In the years ?? 60 and ?? 70 he was first with his band The Kings of Rhythm a celebrity. Pas famous he was then at the beginning of the years ?? 60 comes Tina Turner strengthen the band. Ike married her, and together they had a child. Until about the mid 70 ?? they make one record after another and scored several hits.


Ike Wister Turner was born on November 5, 1931 in Clarksdale Mississippi. His parents were Izear Luster Turner and Beatrice Cushenberry. He started playing piano at age 5. His music career began at age 11 when he Sonny Boy Williamson and Robert Nighthawk accompanied on the piano.

Ike and the band, still without singer

  • 1945; Ike is DJ at the radio station WROX in his hometown
  • 1951; He is a member of the R & B group ?? The Kings of Rhythm ?? In that year, Rocket 88, recorded their first album. It is considered one of the first rock and roll songs attributed to Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats, although Ike and his band who had anticipated it.
  • Shortly after the release of this first important piano track, Ike learns to play guitar. He sustained among other R & B with artists Sun Records at the beginning of the s ?? 50. He played piano and guitar and has contributed to albums of blues legends Elmore James, Howlin Wolf ?? and Otis Rush.
  • At the end of the year ?? 50, he moved to East St. Louis. Here he was with his band known rhythm and blues star.

Ike and Tina

Because Anna Mae really wanted to act, she takes on an evening when the band Ike to play the microphone and began to sing. The already sexy Anna Mae brought Ike equally entranced with her raw blues voice. At age 18 she sings in the band, some time later it will change its name to Tina Turner. This was in 1957.
Two years later, Ike and Tina moved in together. Within a year she was pregnant with her second child. The first was the saxophonist from ?? ?? The Kings of Rhythm. The couple got married in 1961, while his first marriage to Lorraine Taylor had not officially ended. The band was constantly on tour, took in between are just some Rhythm and Blues songs, which were all hits. Together with the children from Ike ?? s first marriage, Tina took care of four children.
As a singer did not show up, the 20-year-old Tina took her first single by Ike and the band. This song ?? Fool In Love ?? was a huge hit. In autumn 1960 a new album was recorded, the numbers ?? I idolize You ??, ?? It ?? s Gonna Work Out Fine ??, ?? Poor Fool ??, ?? an Tra La La La La? ?, all reached the Top Ten, all within 2 ½ years.
In 1961 Anna Mae singer Tina Turner and the band was renamed ?? The Ike and Tina Turner Revue ??. The band exists from the moment of nine members, of which three backing vocals ?? The Ikettes ?? and Tina as lead singer. That same year, they were with the song ?? It ?? s Gonna Work Out Fine ?? famous in England, the band became a top pop-rock act.
In 1966 Phil Spector paid a huge amount to be able to write a song for Tina. This was the song River Deep ?? ?? Mountain High ??. In Europe, this was a top hit, and the success of this number stood at 1969 Ike and Tina in the opening act for the Rolling Stones.
Ike after Tina
Ike began to focus on the work of famous songs like Come Together ?? ?? the Beatles and the big hit in 1971; ?? Proud Mary ?? of Creedence Clearwater Revival. In his own new studio Bolic. Here he started experimenting with music, there arose among other things, the last big hit of the band ?? ?? Nutbush City Limits.
Ike touch the drugs, his family begins to abuse, both physically and mentally. In 1975 Tina left him, in the middle during a tour. The divorce is pronounced a year later.
Ike made two solo albums from his own studio, he wrote a book ?? Taking Back My Life ??. Be in 1991 both Ike and Tina included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 1993, he must serve a prison sentence roads illegal drug possession.

The last years of Ike

Ike took up the thread in the years ?? 90. Even before the turn of the century came to an own autobiography, ?? ?? Takin Back My Name ??. In his biography he gives the mistreatment of his wife. In 2001 the album Here and Now ?? ?? appeared that even a Grammy nomination.
To 2006, when Ike had the respectable age of 75, he played in the Night of the Proms show.
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