IKEA: offices, addresses and opening hours

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One of the most popular stores in the Netherlands is IKEA. Great shopping, long opening hours and competitive products have ensured that in almost every household in the Netherlands is to find an IKEA product. A visit to one of the branches of IKEA can easily be combined with the IKEA restaurant. An overview of the various branches of IKEA which indicates what is the address and what the hours are.


  • The company IKEA
  • The range
  • Addresses IKEA stores
  • Opening IKEA
  • Shopping Sundays and public holidays

The company IKEA

The furnishing store IKEA is known worldwide. Since its founding in 1943 in Sweden there are already over 300 subsidiaries in approximately 40 countries around the world. Since 1978, IKEA presence in the Netherlands, while the first Belgian site in 1984 opened its doors. Although it is originally a Swedish company, headquartered in Delft sits today. Most affiliates IKEA consist of a furniture store and a restaurant. IKEA is increasingly taking its responsibility with regard to sustainability. For instance, child labor is taboo and the environment plays an increasingly important role within the group.

The range

The wide range of IKEA is focused on home furnishings. The IKEA vision is that they want to offer products that connect terms of supply and cost to many people. The range focuses on the entire house. Amongst other products sold for:
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Textile products
  • Such as laminate flooring
  • And so on

In fact, you can buy the complete furnishings for a house. The products are generally designed tight and functional. The products therefore generally fit well in an existing establishment.

Addresses IKEA stores

IKEA stores are generally set up big and mostly located near major highways in residential boulevards. Below is an overview of the addresses of the various IKEA stores in the Netherlands:
  • Amersfoort, Euroweg 101
  • Amsterdam, Hullenbergweg 2
  • Barendrecht, Hamburg 1
  • Breda, Cross Meadow 1
  • Delft, Olof Palmestraat 1
  • Pigeons, 2nd Biographer
  • Eindhoven, Ekkersrijt 4089
  • Groningen, Sontweg 9
  • Haarlem, Laan van Decima 1
  • Heerlen In de Cramer 142
  • Hengelo, The Plaza 100
  • Utrecht, Van Rensselaerlaan 7

In the future sites of IKEA built in Zwolle, Almere, Alkmaar and a second office in Limburg.

Opening IKEA

IKEA is no uniform opening, each branch has its own opening times. Below is an overview of the hours of the various IKEA stores in the Netherlands. Shown are the regular opening hours of the store. The opening times of the restaurants are in fact different. IKEA restaurants close because standard half an hour before closing the store. In some cases, the restaurants in the morning even if previously opened. During the first hours after opening can be served in many branches for one euro.

Shopping Sundays and public holidays

Above the fixed hours are displayed. Some IKEA stores are open every Sunday, the other branches are open only during Sunday opening. When the Sunday openings and special openings take place is a municipality and settlement else. Also, there are sometimes different opening hours in connection with holidays. A current overview of different opening hours and Sunday opening of the IKEA stores can be found on the website of IKEA.