Inflammation Inhibitors

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Anti-inflammatory drugs are not harmless. There are certainly many alternatives for joint pains.

The use of ontstekenigsremmers

There are women who take high-dose ibuprofen for menstrual pains. And many older people who have problems with their joints swallow Diclofenac. This drug is prescribed 2.5 million times every year in the Netherlands. Ibuprofen, Aleve and Voltaren are freely available and not dangerous. The use can cause a heart attack or stomach bleeding.
There are safe methods to relieve pain, and problems with the joints. Studies indicate that encouraging results are achieved with fasting followed by a vegetarian diet. A Norwegian method is the first ten days use only groetensap, garlic, herbal teas and juices greeting. Thereafter, a gluten-free diet, where meat every other day, and small quantities is permitted. The eesrte three months they citrus, salt, the, coffee, cocoa, cola, strong spices, alhocol, milk and milk products is prohibited. Furthermore, there are many alternative remedies and cures.


Two clinical trials that provide robust Tripterygium wilfordii have strong inflammatory properties. Dessert Food and Pride Herbal Tablets indicated in some patients with arthritis after a few days or weeks already improving.

Chinese Medicine

Yin and Yang, qi, or chi, meridinanen and the six pathogens are the basis of the complex theory of Chinese medicine. An ancient philosophy is that rheumatic pain caused by a lack of Jing in the kidneys. That shortage Tradional Chinese medicine according to the complaints in the brains, back and bone marrow. The energy of cold and moisture gets stuck in the water of the kidneys. And deposit on the life energy that is in the kidney and adrenal gland, Jing. The best remedy is the heating of the temperature in the lungs and liver. Is thousands of years have used herbal therapy that has proven itself. Herbal Medicines consisting of a plurality of natural components which are made with a special customized strategy for the patient. Thus, not the joining of some spices.

Orthomolecular medicine

This is cured with the aid of extra nutrients. These may be vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. There may also be used bacterial preparations or organ concentrates. These dietary supplements have been incorporated into pills, powders, or capsules. Research has also shown that through the use of glucosaminee and chondroitin sulfate. With a weight of about 60 kg, a daily dose of 1500 mg glucosamine and chondroitin sufficient. The combination stimulates the production of new cartilage, which at the same time the degradation of cartilage is inhibited.

Ayurvedic medicine

Curcuma longa is used for treatment of inflamed joints. It comes from the Indian medicine. An important key element is the yellow Pigmente curcumin, a study has shown that this substance has the same effect as fenybotazon to prevent stiffness and swelling of joints.
There are other methods that work pain lifting, for example acupuncture.