Influence: It 'Vera Emergency. Hospitals In Trouble

Health Zsbee August 14, 2016 0 0

As we wrote in a previous article: the influence reap many victims just riding epiphany. And so it was. To date, the Italian healthcare system seems unable to stem the waves of influence that present at the gates of the hospitals.

The emergency rooms are sounding the alarm: + 20-30% of sick with flu in the last two weeks.

Giorgio Carbone, past president of the Italian Society of Emergency Medicine-Emergency, reveals that the problem is affecting the south as much as the north. In hospitals it has been slow in the operations of admission and the expectations of patients on stretchers are longer than usual.

But those who went to the emergency room?

Mostly it comes to the elderly who are unable to find family doctors and children.

And 'true emergency.
In Rome, for example, there are those who waited five days on a stretcher before of being hospitalized.
In Turin, however, Maria Vittoria hospital ended the covers, while the St. John Bosco patients, perhaps exhausted from the cold, fatigue and the long wait, they broke down the door of the First Aid to ask to be visited.

What to do?

 And 'bad turn to the mother of a child desperately and that will not stop crying and tell her that it would be better not to further clog hospitals.
However, experts suggest to go to the emergency room only in cases of obvious breathing difficulties or other special cases.
Another tip is to use of symptomatic drugs to self-medicate to control body temperature resulting in fever and to follow developments closely over the next 2-3 days.
Only if there are no improvements would be appropriate to contact your doctor or pediatrician.

 Do not forget the potential of a lukewarm bath to try to lower the body temperature and follow the guidelines of this article: Have Fever? Manicured Home With These Tips.