Information about Essential Tremor

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For years, an essential tremor is the second most common neurological disorder in the Netherlands. The condition occurs caused by communication errors between certain parts of the brains causing uncontrolled vibration. This hereditary disease occurs in people of all ages and is considered very annoying. The most important information about essential tremor can be read below.

Who can get it?

Mostly people with essential tremor occurs in the family, there is actually. Only 5% of people with essential tremor does so without any genetic cause. Adverse to the tremor is that the gene that causes the tremor is very dominant. Every child with a parent with essential tremor have to get 50% their own. The tremor mainly manifests in people around 40 years, but also people under age 20 may have been affected. Over the years, the tremor in most people remains the same. The condition is unfortunately chronic.

Characteristics of an essential tremor

When an essential tremor occurs uncontrolled oscillations which take place mainly in the hands or head. Some characteristics of an essential tremor may be:
  • Difficulty performing precise operations such as pouring coffee, indicate glasses, eating soup and so on.
  • Vibrations of the head or hands in extreme degree that are present in such a way that they function normally no longer possible.
  • The vibration of the head or hands without any kind of tension is present.

Resources in order to reduce the essential tremor

If the tremor express themselves so that you are no longer able to carry out certain everyday activities, there are drugs that could possibly be prescribed in consultation with the GP. Total cure the tremor is not yet possible, but the lighting of essential tremor is. Currently, there is plenty of research for a cure for essential tremor. The medicines so prescribed to decrease the tremor are all not aimed at curing the tremor, but do all this 'accidental' do. In two thirds of the people who used drugs against essential tremor is this actually reduced. For people where it is found that the tremor is unsustainable, is nowadays applied an operation in which there are placed images in the brains to correct the error in the brains. These operations are carried out in a large proportion of the people to be very successful.

Tips for People with essential tremor

  •  In public situations where the tremor is clearly visible, you should be especially embarrassed. If the action you want to perform not succeed then you can safely speak to someone in your area and ask for help.
  •  Tell your friends, family and colleagues about your illness so that they can take into account with it
  •  Do not try too much doing to be that you suffer from an essential tremor. Even for this condition may be that the more you work with it, the more trouble you'll have it.
  •  Do not limit your life by avoiding difficult situations. The tremor may have a negative effect on your life. Do you notice that this is indeed the case then it may be wise to take his contact with the GP.