Inside: Japanese Anime

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Anime has much to offer in terms of entertainment. For young and old to discover many films and series. As part of "get to know", this article provides general information about the subject of Anime.

What is Anime?

Anime is a collective term for animated show ?? s ?? s series and movie ?? s which mainly come from Japan. Anime is less known among the people as a term, while the series ?? s anime are much better known. Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Beyblade are some examples.

Where does anime come from?

Anime generally comes from Japan. There are also projects in other countries, but in many cases there is still a Japanese person at the helm. Think of the cartoon series Jodokus Alfred Kwak. With few exceptions, all the Anime Comics productions. Become a comic book published after it has been successful become the story and the characters and animated on television, shown in the form of series. Every year there are many Anime film ?? s produced, it has also happened several times that an Anime'm made into a well-attended musical.
Anime in Japan is by far the most popular. In the rest of the world anime is often seen as entertainment for children. In Japan, this is not the case. It is quite normal that a grown man, reading a comic book in the street.

Types Anime

Anime comes in all shapes and sizes. There is something for everyone. Yet ?? s series and movie ?? s Fantasy as a starting point for the largest share. If you look hard enough, one can find in the Anime genre ?? s; Detective, Sports, Horror, Comedy, Drama and Thriller. Below, the above-mentioned catogoriën with examples.
  • Detective
  • Sport
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Thriller
  • Drama

It is true that Sience Fiction / Fantasy elements in the Anime commonly found. Indeed, it is getekent. This can make it impossible, be made possible.

Computer as a tool

Nowadays become much animated with the help of computers. However, it is rare that a production made completely get to the computer. The bottom line is that moving objects are developed through the digital way. The way with the hand is nevertheless still the most commonly used form.

Anime export

Anime get many years exported to countries around the world. The series will be genasynchroniseerd and shown on TV. The real fans choose the original Japanese audio version above this genasynchroniseerde variants. There are organizations that buy a set and then edit to a height that the story, the dialogues and certain visual aspects completely different from the original product. This does not go down well with fans of the series. Many people who see an edited version get soured on the anime. Not knowing that they have seen a picture distorts the original anime.