Install MP3 plug-in for Audacity

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MP3 is a compression method which ensures that music is to listen to an MP3 player and other equipment. When open source audio editing software Audacity, the compression method must be manually and separately installed. The free plug-in known as "LAME" makes it possible to export audio files in MP3 format.

LAME MP3 encoder

The LAME MP3 encoder ensures you from Audacity can also create MP3 files. On the website you can download the mp3 plug-in free and is available for Windows and MAC OSX operating systems.
Lame Download logo
If you scroll down on the website you can find the download area. Based on your operating system, choose the right file. Example, if you click on the file and downloading can start a Windows operating system. At the time of writing, the plug-in version: 3.99.3. By future developments on the plug-in will always be upgraded to the version number at each adjustment. Although the version number will change the way will stay the same.
Extract the downloaded file and place it in the correct location
When the download is finished then find the file to its location on the computer. However, the actual file, the plug-in itself, is still encased in a compressed folder. With a program like WinZip, WinRAR or 7-Zip can open the compressed folder and unpacked. If you have you can use one without these programs extract the compressed folder, a Windows operating system. Windows unpack, do the following:
  • Right-click on the compressed folder.
  • Choose from the resulting shortcut menu, select Extract All.
  • Without changing the settings suggested by walk the short wizard. Eventually automatically opens the folder where the plug-in is located.
  • Open the folder libmp3lame-win 3.99.3. It contains the plug-in called lame_enc.dll to be moved to plug-in Audacity folder.
  • Open My Computer from the desktop and open it from your local hard drive; often this is the disk.
  • Open from the local hard disk to the Program Files folder. Search in the Program Files folder called Audacity.
  • Open Audacity and open the folder containing the folder named Plug-Ins.
  • Now drag from the previously opened folder libmp3lame-win 3.99.3 the plug-in file lame_enc.dll to the Plug-Ins folder of the Audacity program.

  • If you need a program like WinZip, WinRAR or 7-Zip uses this works basically the same idea because you can directly open the compressed folder. So it simply comes down to is that you drag the file to the folder lame_enc.dll Plug-Ins Audacity.

    The result

    If it succeeded, the file is now lame_enc.dll in the folder Plug-Ins Audacity. The act only needs to be performed once and you can create an infinite number of mp3 files along. An audio file such as a .wav file, you can export in Audacity as an .mp3 file. You can also export recordings made within Audacity with an .mp3 file format.