Interior: LED lighting harmful to our eyes?

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When decorating our house the lighting plays an important role. Judicious chosen and positioned light sources, create atmosphere and coziness. Interior experienced in recent years a remarkable evolution. Increasingly compatriots opt for Light Emitting Diode, a reality that we can no longer ignore. However, the benefits of LED lighting can outweigh the disadvantages? What effect has LED lights on our vision and the health of our eyes?

What is LED lighting

Customized LED lighting hit us particularly well established in recent years really. However, the invention of this LED lighting all dating from 1927. It was the Russian scientist Oleg Losev who then discovered that diodes also radiated light
when power was forwarded. Yet it was not until the early sixties, before the first led-lamp was developed. For example, a lamp is ultimately made up of various Light Emitting Diodes. Its light intensity is dependent on the type of LED's, the color and angle of the radiation used. Originally it went by LED lighting is for ordinary white light. To this bright white light enigsziins mitigate, use was made of phosphorus, which the led-light both warmer and made more pleasant.

LED technology in development

Despite the rapidly increasing use of LEDs to light in our interior design, this way of enlightened is still used mainly in major construction projects. According to experts, the lighting LED technology for use in private homes still in ontgwikkeling.

Compatibility for greater durability

According to the lighting industry is the lack of a standard norm currently the most important disadvantage of the LED lighting. This causes problems with illumination sources at the interchangeability of the different LED. If we with a defective LED lamp are facing, we can not just immediately insert a new LED lamp, as with other light sources is indeed the case. That's definitely not convenient and environmentally conscious. Work is currently underway on the preparation of standards, so that eventually the lamps from different manufacturers will indeed be interchangeable. An important step forward, because that the various devices on LED lighting will also be a lot more durable.

Price tag for many a stumbling block

Another major disadvantage and for many still a major stumbling block for choosing led-lighting is undoubtedly the price tag. The price of led-lighting will only decrease if the standards for compatibility fixed. Therefore, the use of LED lighting in our homes will will grow even stronger.

Wide range of options

Customized LED lighting has a growing interest because of its wide range of uses. LED lighting is indeed allows different types of light to conjure the same device. It can be played to your heart's content with colors and shades. Customized LED lighting allows us to have the kind and intensity of light to change our preferences for example, white, cool light to the warmer halogen lighting. The same lamp can be used in this way for various purposes, ranging from desk to mood light.

Still budget- and environmentally friendly

Customized LED lighting uses less energy than traditional lighting methods. According lighting experts, the difference in use however long it is not proposed that spectacular than often. Not so surprising, because this LED lighting is currently still under development. With the recent changes, the use of the coming years will certainly be pieces environmentally and budget friendly.

Design fittings very important

The design of the lighting fixtures to LED lighting, is of very great importance. Indeed, LEDs develop such warmth that, without refrigeration, even burn themselves. As a result, not only the lifetime of our current led's very limited. Also, the light quality is adversely affected. The design of the luminaire is therefore still have a long way. Designers have to ensure that the design of the current valves is adjusted in such a way, that they can ensure the necessary cooling of the LEDs. Therefore these fixtures are moving towards increasingly smaller, thinner and more elegant.

LEDs can damage retina eyes

Each medal has a downside, and that is no different here. Recent scientific studies revealed that the use of led-lighting has significant adverse effects on the health of our eyes and for the quality of our sight. That is due to the fact that LED's of up to one thousand times brighter light spread over any of the other light source. This causes many cases of eyestrain. By their very bright light LEDs may even damage the retina of our eyes. This radiation causes indeed a lot of successive chemical reactions that can cause serious eye damage. Retinal Damage caused by LEDs is final and can not be recovered. Damage to the retina is particularly serious when it occurs in the middle of our field of vision. There is located the yellow spot of our eye, which in turn is responsible for the focus system of the eye.