Invest in stocks with little money

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Many people think that you can only invest in stocks with a lot of money, but it does not have to be. Even with little money you can invest in shares. This does take a better preparation when you would go with a lot of money investing in stocks. There are some factors that you as an investor in equities should look better than if you are going to invest a lot of money in stocks.


Before the deal with the preparation for investing in stocks, there will first consider the concept of 'little money'. With little money is meant several hundred Euros, rather than larger amounts, for example, thousands of Euros or more. The preparation should be some steps taken to optimize come for the day to manage your future equity portfolio well. Below, these steps will be discussed in detail.
Step One: Goal Setting
If you think you will get rich quick by investing in stocks with little money, then you should be helped even out the dream. Investing in shares is a long term investment. As a future independent equity investor you depend on the whims of the stock market. It's been said many times, but never with investing money that you can not miss. Imagine yourself long term goals, because there will be years that it does not go so well at the fair. This means that share prices fluctuate and that as a shareholder you are virtually in the red. There are several purposes for which you can invest. For example you can invest in stocks for an additional game for the pension, but you can also invest in stocks for instance, children or grandchildren, but this can be further completed by the investor himself. When the goals are established must calculate how much money you'll need and how many years you will have invested the money together. Furthermore one should assess how much money you can miss a period for investing in stocks. It is also useful to keep on hand some money, stock prices could fall sharply.
Step two: Delving into the stock market
Depending on how well the equity investor is aware of the course of events in the equity markets, it is important to know how some things work. When you sell for example a limit order and when you sell shares with a market order on the stock market? It does not hurt to read books about investment advice and investment strategies. In addition, the Internet provides plenty of examples about investing in stocks. However, you should also deepen and future investor in shares of listed companies. At first look to see if you have enough money to buy any shares of a particular company, because you do not have an unlimited budget. You look like an investor mainly to earnings forecasts and earnings, but also looks at whether a company has enough capital or sufficient assets has on its balance sheet. It is also important to be aware of the economic, political and social developments in the various sectors. These developments have more or less influence on share prices. Of course, an investor must rely on facts and figures, but the feeling of an investor may also help.
Step three: formulating an investment strategy
A novice investor in shares does not need a complicated investment strategy to figure out. Through books, the Internet and other tools an investor can formulate their own investment strategy that fits the situation of the investor. Some investors choose funds. This means that every month are purchased with a fixed amount of shares. This ensures that there is bought shares at various prices. There are investors who like to buy shares when share prices have reached rock bottom. In addition, the making of an investor profile can ensure that the proposed investment is adjusted slightly.

Start investing

If an investor has to go through the preparation, then the investor is a few steps away from investing in equities. Below we will elaborate on the selection of a bank or broaker and transaction charges a bank or broker.
Choosing a bank or broker and transaction
If you already have an account with a bank, then it is obvious that the future investor his custody opens there. However, the high transaction costs, high custodian fees, the high variable costs and further conditions a reason to open the account with a broker. The article compare the transaction by transaction costs of investing are all banks and brokers appear neat. The transaction can for someone investing with little money to ensure that the profit a little evaporated. When choosing a bank or broker you should also look closely at the future. Maybe you've gotten a taste and want to suddenly invest in the Dow Jones or invest in options? If you have made the choice of a bank or broker, you can open an investment account. But first you need in some cases to complete a questionnaire. With this questionnaire, an investor profile is drawn from you as an investor. In addition, you should of course make a failure before you start investing.
Keep track of investments
Once you have completed the last step, then it is a matter of good and actively tracking investments. Which shares must be monitored? When should I sell my shares or when should I just buy more shares? Do I need additional payments of money because prices fall? How is the situation in the construction industry? Will the European Central Bank to raise interest rates. These are all things that you as an investor should consider. Every day can bring new things. Do not always maintain a strategy, but change strategy when necessary.