Isla Mujeres, Heavenly woman island in Mexico

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Isla Mujeres is an elongated island in the Caribbean Sea that lies in the Mexican tourist city of Cancun. The island is seven kilometers long and at most only a few hundred meters wide. The widest point is 650 meters. The island has more than 11,000 Mexicans but many times that number goes there every year on vacation. Isla Mujeres is an island that you can call during a day trip but you can also spend a few days in a hotel. There are both cheap hotels and hostels and expensive hotels on Isla Mujeres.
Weapon of Isla Mujeres


  • Isla Mujeres is accessible from the port of Cancun.
  • The Mayas
  • Access port
  • The ferry
  • The beaches
  • Beach tents
  • Coral Beaches
  • Excursions in Isla Mujeres
  • Transport for hire
  • Souvenirs

Isla Mujeres is accessible from the port of Cancun.

Cancun is a city mainly hotels. The hotel part of the city has beautiful beaches and is very touristy. Through the Cancun International Airport you can easily reach this part of Mexico. From Amsterdam go ArkeFly flights to Cancun. Cancun is located on the Yucatan Peninsula. For many Canadians and Americans Cancun is the first place in the tropics they visit. Americans are called in Mexico gringo's. During the second civil war many Americans entered Mexico while as recognition stabbing wore a green flag. The Mexicans had rather not, and said to them'Green, go! '. That was soon corrupted to'gringo'. In this way, the entitlement for the American gringo has fallen into use.
Old picture Vande Temple of Ixchel

The Mayas

Literally translated Isla Mujeres'vrouweneiland'. The Spaniards called it Isla Mujeres because here they found many images of women. The Mayas saw Isla Mujeres as an island dedicated to the goddess Ixchel. On the island stands a temple dedicated to Ixchel which is unfortunately partially destroyed by a hurricane early 21st century. You going there in a golf cart, bicycle or taxi. At the foot of the temple is a small field created with artwork. These works are sometimes decaying rust because they are always in contact with moist sea breezes. A staircase from the garden work, you can come close to the sea. Only a little though, because the waves could hit across the path. The Mayan temple stands on a site where a restaurant is located. Furthermore, any price at this place a little higher than in the town of Las Colonias where you need to go through to get there. The buildings known outside the port city of Isla Mujeres to Las Colonias. Las Colonias live exclusively Mexicans while at the center of Mexicans and people from other countries live together.

Access port

From the port of Cancun, you can easily, cheaply and quickly by ferry to Isla Mujeres travel. There driving taxis and buses on the harbor from the ADO bus station, you could get there from. With ADO, you can really travel through Mexico. Many tourists take the ADO from Cancun airport to the city itself.

The ferry

In 2015 takes a ferry ride to the island of 9 euros. For this price you can navigate back and forth. That's pretty cheap. The ferry goes every half hour. You will never have to wait long. The ferry is basically a catamaran and therefore quickly skims over the sea water to go. The journey is sometimes sweetened by a musician who has just the time to play three songs on his guitar. There are plenty of benches and chairs for those waiting. There is also a free public toilet and there is a bar confused you can buy delicious guacamole and lemonade to drink. Incidentally, the Mexicans find it very strange that we call plant brews in the form of soft drinks such as Coke, Fanta and Sprite lemonade. For a Mexican is a lemonade a freshly squeezed lemon with plain water or mineral water .. It was added that standard sugar but you can ask for a version without sugar.
Playa del norte

The beaches

Isla Mujeres is a long and narrow island. That means there is a lot of beach. The beach is mostly located on the north side, or the Playa del Norte the side facing towards the mainland. On this beach are regularly palm trees. It is advisable to lie somewhere in the shade as the tropical sun can be very hot. The sea water is warm, yet cool. The beautiful beach starts at the northern tip of Isla Mujeres. Daat is a small bay where you can swim quietly. The sea stays here very long and shallow that makes it combined with the tiny ripples calm seas. Please note that you are on the beach, nothing worthwhile can. Etruscan thieves are active and four types of police in Isla Mujeres walk around doing nothing at all if there is a theft. You can only make a declaration and a portion of the value given back through travel insurance.

Beach tents

On the beach are several beach bars. These serve all kinds of cocktails. It also serves delicious alcoholic drinks such as lemonade and agua Tamarinda a drink made from fresh tamarind water and optionally sugar. In many beach restaurants, you can eat something. Fish dishes are mainly served.

Coral Beaches

Very different is the sight of the sea on the south or southwest side of Isla Mujeres. On the south side there are enklele small quiet beaches but it's mostly coral rock between which plants grow. The waves are much higher and break on the coral rocks. Some stretches of beach stay here for days onbezwembaar, which can be seen at the red flag, while on the other side of the island, everyone dives into the sea. In itself, the vegetation between the coral rocks very nice but most people come to Isla Mujeres for the numerous beach bars that are located on the north or northwest side. In the evening, can you see the sun behind the coast of mainland Mexico bags.
Watch turtles at Isla Mujeres? It can!

Excursions in Isla Mujeres

Around Isla Mujeres are many coral reefs. You can do snorkeling and diving tours to better view these reefs and their inhabitants. Among others, the turtles are spectacular to see. In some seasons you can see whales. An artist has an underground museum decorated with all kinds of installations, sculptures and installations of images. On the street are all kinds of tours offered. On this island you can also book a tour to the famous Maya pyramid of Chichen Itza.

Transport for hire

Isla Mujeres is not great. In principle, one could amount to the entire island, except that the temperature for this purpose attracts little. However, most people rent a golf cart to scour the island. Nowhere you see so many golf carts as here. Since the carts are open catch you much cooling breeze as you drive into it. You can also rent scooters and bicycles. A golf cart for a day rent costs between 35 and 40 euros and a bike for a day rental costs about 9 to 10 euros. These prices are from 2015. Note that the island is not that big. In a few hours you will have cycled around the island. The golf carts drive unfortunately not electric. That means it is a huge noise in a busy street with little gasoline because the carts have poor sound insulation around the engine.


The island has a town named Isla Mujeres. This town is mostly full of nightlife. There are many restaurants, discos and souvenirs shops. If you're looking for cheap souvenirs, you better shop one afternoon in Cancun. That may save dozens of euros. Around the ADO bus station in Cancun is a mall where you can shop relatively cheap in the souvenir shops. Frequently requested items are backpacks with Mayan motif, hammocks and rugs with images of Mayan pyramids. In Yucatan you can haggle in every souvenir shop. From the ADO bus station you can go to the airport or to another place in Mexico such as the nearby Playa del Carmen.