Isolate a cleaner environment, home

Nature CoolMike August 8, 2016 0 0
When building or remodeling your home you can think of the environment in several ways. Like insulating your home: wall, roof and floor insulation. But also double glazing and energy-saving boiler. Besides the environmental benefits, there are other advantages. Such as saving money, you do in the winter to heat less to get the house warm. But it also has a silencing effect. There are arrangements for insulating a house, there are subsidies to get.


Isolation is an important way to save energy. Almost everything in the house can be isolated, think of the roof, the facade cavity walls, floors and walls. But also soil insulation, for example in the crawl space. This gives you an even temperature in the house and less affected by moisture. Place it vents through which moisture can away. Heating pipes isolate prevents unnecessary heat loss during the transport through the tubes. Also prevents freezing. There is an investment necessary to insulate your home properly, but it pays off in the long run back. Especially for old houses, it is advantageous to isolate the house well. Because isolation is also less affected by drafts, humidity, heat, cold feet, moisture and noise.


  • Make all the cracks and crevices close properly for optimum insulation.
  • Ventilate well, the waste and the moisture can thus leave the house and oxygen can enter.
  • The insulation values ​​are expressed in R-value. The value depends on the thickness and type of material that is used.
  • Let the insulation to become wet during the install or store, otherwise it loses its insulating effect.
  • You can pass a specialist or consultant for you to see how you can best insulate your home.
  • The extent to which first create a clear overview your home is already isolated. Then you can make a good plan what you want to improve the insulation of your home.
  • You can enable professional help to handle the insulation in your home.
  • Homes built after 1983 have adequate insulation. Is your home a little older, then the insulation is sometimes a bit on the thin side. Then you can think about it to make extra insulation. Often pays only if you are already going to grow.
  • Use protective clothing when applying glass and rock wool. A good pair of glasses, dust cover, long clothing and gloves.


Double glazing ensures that the cold stays outside and the warmth inside. You can save by glazing or 300 to 400 euros per year on your gas bill.
  • There is special insulating glazing, this is called HR ++ glass. In addition, ordinary double glazing. HR means high efficiency.
  • If you take only double glazing in an otherwise poorly insulated home, you may suffer from moisture. The moisture condenses on cold places, such as the floor or outside walls. It is therefore important also to sufficiently insulate the rest of your home. Or at least well ventilated.