"It hurts when I make love"

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In recent months, Justine feels severe pain at the vaginal entrance. No painkiller is really effective and make love to him became so painful that her boyfriend left her. Desperate, she decides to consult.

 Contents of this article
  •  Consultation 1: Justine hurts constantly
  •  Consultations 2-4: it is less focused on suffering
  •  Consultation 5: she must learn to relax when making love
  •  Consultation 6: she had fun

For this young woman of 24 years, love is painful. Account of various interviews she had with Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, sexologist.

Consultation 1: Justine hurts constantly

The young woman comes in and says, "I consulted several gynecologists, but no treatment worked. I was given many tests. I thought it was a fungus as I had already had. But antifungal treatments have not worked either. "

Vestibulitis, vulvodynia and dyspareunia

Justine also went to see a specialist dermatologist of the vulva. It told her she had vestibulitis, inflammation of the triangular portion at the entrance of the vagina, called the vestibule. But the prescribed creams have not subsided much.

Vulvodynia is to say, the pain of the vulva and / or vagina entrance, can not be treated with conventional drug treatments. The pain is due to the nerves that pass near the vestibule, and are easily irritated, as reactive to the slightest discomfort. A local drought can also exacerbate the problem and transform a simple irritation in unbearable pain. Furthermore, physiologically, scratching creates an additional microtrauma and mentally be focused on this problem majorises painful sensations.

I ask why she Justine said that nothing works and if it has constantly pain. "Yes, she answers, especially during intercourse: I can not have so much I hurt. "This vestibulitis and vulvodynia this, which usually create pain regardless of any report, are accompanied by dyspareunia, which will involve a different way to treat the problem.

The pain can come from several factors

I asked a question in his unusual medical history: "Before all this, did you have fun during your reports? "" No, but somehow, with the pain, it's impossible. "Does she know that pleasure is the best painkiller?

But the psychosomatic side can be interesting too because we know that pain can come from several factors: body certainly, but also of the head, the fear of evil, the body which was refurbished and is normal to have this pain, an intimate drought in addition to the rest ... It is therefore completely change this vicious circle, and for this, determine where Justine was wrong, since when and how things are going for her. Next, ensure that it can discover how to have fun.

First, treat dryness loclae

To begin, I examine. There is no infectious problem and I tell him. "Do not put more antimycotic ovules they abrade the entire mucosa, which irritates you a little more and maintain the trauma. But as there is a local drought, I'll give you a moisturizing treatment so that things are gradually improving: two tablets morning and evening of intimate Ménophytea hydration and egg Cicatridine, twice a week. "

These eggs hyaluronic acid, a non-irritating substance as present naturally in the body, allow for better hydration and thus a better defense of the vagina. Indeed, if it dries, the pH increases, acidity decreases, vagina defends well, and infections can occur. I command him to take estrogen orally: one tablet a day Physiogine because she takes the pill can cause hormonal imbalance and lead to lower local estrogen.

However, I told Justine that this treatment will not change everything at once. To no longer feel pain, she must learn to work again, and, gradually, to care for his body positively. I suggest it a read, the new report Hite, a book where the women demonstrate how they have fun. "This is not a recipe to treat your vestibulitis, 'I said, they do not talk about in this book. But what interests me is the way you find pleasure, because it will be your best painkiller. Read the first two chapters. If that is not enough, we could consider a deeper treatment. "

Consultations 2-4: it is less focused on suffering

Justine returns after three weeks. She talks about the book: "At first I wondered what I had to do with all this. And after, I was interested. I would perhaps not have the same sexual life if I had read it earlier. " I renchéris: "Many women say it and have learned how to have fun, including themselves. "Indeed, our education does not promote the taming of his body in the enjoyment.

I ask her if she followed treatment. "At first, yes, but this is gradually receded into the background. "So she had less pain and were less focused on her pain.

For the following two consultations, one month apart, I find that it is better, it is less concerned, although it is not yet perfect. She continues her treatment, but rather fancifully.

Consultation 5: she must learn to relax when making love

Justine comes back two weeks later. She met a young man she begins to fall in love. But in their first report, it was not very well. " I have enough ! Nothing has changed ! "I look at it, and yet I see that the vulva and vagina are less irritated and less dry than before. But Justine is the all or nothing: if it did more harm it can do everything, if there is still a little pain is that nothing has changed. But you can still get sore, even if things have improved.

Does she still had a little fun? "Yes, but not enjoyment. Yet I learned to caress me, but when he is in me, I can not. "I explain that orgasm is a conditioned reflex, an apprenticeship.

"To change this reflex, one must change one thing at a time. If you take the same position as when you are alone, and there is penetration, there will be one change. But if there are more movements back and forth, it's been too many changes. You're more relaxed and pain may return. We need you to lead penetration, for example, you say, "I feel better when you do not move too much." It will include how to boost your fun while participating. "

Initially, it is best that she can caress itself and focus on his feelings. When will increase his pleasure, his partner will move without this discomfort because the excitement will act as painkiller.

Consultation 6: she had fun

Justine tells me that this time she was able to have fun. "I can not feel safe to not have hurt, but it's not my main concern. "

Gradually, his memory of the body changes and adapts to feel pleasure rather than pain. As long as it has a little sore, I advise him to continue treatment but reducing doses and spacing them taken.

When may be present in the report, regardless of what's around, she will begin to be truly out of the woods.