Jewish medical ethics: cloning human embryos

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Cloning of human embryos encounter much resistance. It all started with the cloning of the sheep "Dolly" which was an exact replica of her mother. Also, this caused a lot of resistance because human cloning there came a step closer. However, clones can be of great importance in order to combat incurable diseases. Based on the book "Chosen for Life of Rabbi Evers we look at the Jewish view on cloning.

Pushing boundaries

Cloning is a form of frontier science. It raises many fears in people. For example, one might be able to make intelligence in apes what so many can be cloned in order for humans to do the dirty work. To prevent such abuses necessary legal guarantees.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloning

  • advantages: replace dead cells by clone cells. For this, only tissue is needed. Diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease would be cured. With human cloning organs may be donated to another.
  • cons: ordering super babies. Individual properties disappear and respect for human dignity becomes less. Man is thus an instrument in place of a target. There may be major psychological consequences, such as children who grow up without love outside the family.

Man must dominate world

The Torah commands that man dominates the world. But there are limitations, like crossing animals and plants. Nor should the Jews do not mix milk and meat. A special permission is required for certain types of intervention in humans.

Judaism has no astrobiology determinism

Although intelligence is genetically determined man can decide this or not to use. Even God does not determine in advance whether someone made good or evil deeds.

Knowledge should not be withheld

Judaism believes that knowledge to heal people should not be withheld. This is also true for cloning. However, Jewish sages have set conditions for cloning: no clear halakhic commandments; no undesirable effect; Humanity must benefit.

Kilajiem: ban mixing of species

The prohibition applies only to mix types in Israel and only applies to plants that are suitable for human consumption. The command can not be extended to other matters. Clones may therefore.

Man is God's partner

Creation is imperfect created for man to perfect the opportunity to offer this as a partner of God. Cloning Creation does not change. Clones will take place at the microscopic level and is, therefore, permissible. Cloning also does not belong to kisjoef and is therefore lawful. Healing is not black magic.

A clone does not have the status of a golem

A golem is not human. A clone does have the status of a human being.

Revival of the dead

According to the Talmud remains of each person buried a number of cells. By cloning techniques can one human cell to be made again. This does come very close to the thought of the prophet Ezekiel that all the dead will rise again from their graves.


Jewish scholars should not be treated once or cloning as reproduction. The mitzvah to procreate can be done according to some, just naturally. This obligation applies only to fathers. The question is whether this should be done through germ cells, or can also by donation of genetic material.