Jewish wisdom 42: lead a fascinating life

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Children experience all in awe. Adult men have much less. Try nevertheless be fascinated by the things that you undertake. Imagine life goals and pursue them after unprecedented fascination. Make sure that your emotion is connected to your intellectual appreciation. Immerse yourself in the things you do no matter what it is. You're better than attentive and gets the job done much better.

Personal involvement

Fascination depends on personal commitment. If you're somewhere personally involved in, you will be fascinated more. A lecture on Israel becomes really interesting when you will be visiting the country. You will then want to know everything about it. So ask for everything: why you want to know; how relevant it is to your life; how to apply it in practice.

The formula for fascination

To know what fascination you should look at your past when you became fascinated by anything. How is it that you enthralled for example, became a geography lesson about the Netherlands? This concerns not only intellectual knowledge, but also emotion. Why are you interested the description about the Netherlands? Where were you upset about? Also try to find out why classical music you do not initially fascinated and later. What caused the change?

What is fascinating in life?

Make yourself a top 10 list of what excites you the most. If you are more interested in something, you will reach your goal faster. Someone who is interested in chess will be able to play chess more quickly than someone who is disinterested.

Fascinated by touching people

Treat people as objects. Touch them interested and make a friendly chat. People are more interesting than characters in a movie or a novel. Yet many people are unfortunately more interested in film heroes than real people. This is a sign that something is wrong.

Know what you want from life

Go to guess by yourself what you want from life. Want to be a geographer, go for it. Study geography, read many geographical books and talks like a geographer. Make sure you are ambitious. A dotted line of what you want to achieve.

Study what your heart desires

The Sages say that a person should study what his heart. Do you have trouble with a particular textbook, first select from the chapter that you are most fascinated. The rest comes naturally.

Lead a fascinating life is a path to wisdom

  • If you're fascinated you better finish your work.
  • Fascination generates energy.
  • Connect intellect with emotion.
  • A living person is more fascinating than any movie hero.
  • Set goals in life.
  • You are a soul, no body; Follow your heart.

Vision Etsel

When you think back to your childhood / youth then you will realize that when you all more intensively than experienced as being mature. The art is the fascination that you had as a child, when you for example playing marbles or was playing with cars, now generate as adult. Have fun all the way with what excites you. Do you like sports, you live all the way in from there. Do you immerse yourself completely under Torah study in the Torah. Experience it as intense as possible. You will thus enjoy more and better knowledge of gain.
There is a reason why we did not come on earth as an adult but first as a child. As a child learn with an open mind, without prejudice, to look at life. The soul is open to anything that is outside it. Of a child's mind is not clouded by self-centeredness. A child can give his imagination free rein to and nurture an enormous respect for the smallest things. Think back to the time when you as a child, had her birthday presents and got where you were completely delighted. Think back to your childhood when you discovered something new. You took that experience much more intense than now as an adult might. You remember things from kindergarten often better than what you read in the newspaper yesterday. As a child you were much more focused on one thing.
Try as an adult 10 minutes every day to call on the pod-like state of childhood in yourself, no material concerns, only makes sense to guide your life.