John Denver, a celebrity in the country music

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Country singer John Denver was a large international reputation. He is among the top 10 best-selling artists of all time and his numbers are not surprising, known all over the world.

His biography and youth

John Denver was born in Roswell, New Mexio on December 31, 1943 when Henry John Deutschendorf. He lived for most of his life in the Coloradose Aspen. Because his father in the US Air Force was moved John at a young age often. He saw this many places in the Southwestern United States. John completed his school career without problems. He went to study at Texas Tech for architect. Here he has performed in the studentenscéne. He stopped in 1964 with the study and moved to Los Angeles to focus entirely on the music. He chose the name John Denver as a pseudonym. He joined the band satire Mitchell Trio and became known in dribs and drabs. Meanwhile, he developed as a songwriter. In the late 60 he decided to go solo. His first big success was as a songwriter of the song Leaving on A Jetplane of the group Peter, Paul and Mary. This song was also on his debut album, which considering the number of copies sold was not a bad move. In the following years he got more and more successful, and John was also active in many other areas.


Below is a list of the title of the album, the year of issue and which record the album has been released.

His great success

The big success came with the album Poems, Prayers and Promises. The biggest hit of this is Take Me Home, Country Roads. This song has been high in the charts worldwide and still be heard frequently, including in après-ski bars. There have also been a number of covers. The album drew on the whole platinum. Sunshine On My Shoulders The song also debuted at number one. The success then continued with the album Rocky Mountain High. From this album came Annie's Song came at number one go. The albums were still below sucessen. Well-known songs from these albums include: Thank God I'm a Country Boy and Calypso. His great success he has due in part by acting smart, he was the first artist to see a lot on TV was. At the end of the 70's began the attention to his music, slowly collapsing, partly because the rock hype among the youth. In 1983 and 1984 John Denver hosted the Grammy Awards

John Denver's private life

Denver's married Annie Martell. They adopted the boy and the girl Zachary Anna-Kate, because John was barren. She was the Annie in Annie's Song. His kindern also come in the numbers. He divorced Annie in 1982. In 1988 he joined the Australian Cassandra Delaney married. After medical treatment they had a daughter; Jesse Belle. They went in 1993 apart again. After he broke up with Cassandra, he came in contact with Annie. Just before his death in the media gossip that she wanted to step back together the knot.

His political and humanist side

Later in his career he began to work for his fellow man and nature. He put itself in the preservation of nature in Alaska. He also founded the Windstar Foundation. He is in the 80s also flew to Africa to see for yourself that how the famine was there and to ask the Government whether they could go action.
In 1985, John participated in a committee that was against the spread of hard rock and metal, because the music could derail the youth. This was partly out of self-interest, for his record sales were not as high as they've ever been. He went with this committee a couple of times to Washington for hearings.

John Denver on TV and in the movies

John Denver played in 1977 in the movie "Oh, God!" the role of Jerry Landers. He entered a time as guest in the Muppet Show. After that success, he and the Muppets made twice an episode together.

His best-known singles

The choice of albums, of course, were a number of very large single hits, below are some of the most famous:
  • Take Me Home, Country Roads, 1971
  • Leaving on a Jet Plane, 1967
  • Sunshine on my Shoulders, 1973
  • Rocky Mountain High, 1973
  • Thank God I'm a Country Boy, 1975
  • Annie's Song, 1976
  • Calypso, 1975

John Denver died on October 12, 1997 because he was killed in his private plane. Would like the titles of John know his films