Journalism: Reporting town

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The regional newspaper, the city or region of great importance. For many newspaper readers is the news from near important. This justifies the existence of regional newspapers. The city reporter has both a journalistic function also a social function. He knows the social background and know quickly discover a good news story. This article focus on the sources of the city news, the police reporter, court reporting and supervisory reporting.

City Reporters and their work

do it yourself editorial
The city is seen as the editors do it yourself editorial. The only limit is regional / local. Furthermore walk all topics together: business, sport, politics, culture, etc.
mix of hard news and airy
Hard news are short informative text; airy news are often long reading stories.
In all cases, though, and adversarial applied, the most important point of departure of journalism. Except the one that says something, is also the counterparty to the word. Only then a decision is made whether the message is worth. It is not intended that any neighbors quarrel is pronounced through the newspaper.

Sources of city news

There are various sources from which the city reporter uses:
  • press conferences
  • office work
  • announcements
  • Press Releases

updating a message
It is possible that the message needs to be updated in the course of the working period, because of developments have occurred. So when morning a report in a national morning paper is about something that happened in the city, the regional newspaper can afternoon about messages by adding new information.
journalist prefer to go myself also must look all the news is not really important
One of the arguments for himself as a journalist looking to maintain contacts. The journalist always runs well again someone bump he has not spoken and which may be of interest to the news service. They are valuable contacts and city reporter is a valuable contact for them.
chief city editor
The chief city is responsible for the content of the pages and determine how he will be an article. Sometimes a chief editor as well, depending on the organization of the newspaper. Edited conduct means he warrants that the spelling and punctuation is carried out correctly and that the story is complete.

The police reporter

Work police reporter
As a police reporter follow all the affairs of the police and fire departments. These are a range of topics including demonstrations, kidnappings, burglaries, robberies and fires.
Reporters often use police scanners to monitor the road police activities. The messages that can be heard on as his example, they can track where police cars or fire engines to draw near. It is interesting news than the journalist could also go.

Court Reporting

four principles on court reporting
  • Who is the suspect and who is the perpetrator: someone remains suspect until the court has ruled.
  • Initials of the suspect: naming names are not mentioned. Only listed initials and place of residence.
  • Profession and country of origin: the appeal of the accused and the country of origin must be reported only if this is relevant.
  • Celebrities and their name: When famous people is usually called the name.

  • interlocutory proceedings: it mention full names
    In summary proceedings can still be full of their names. This is usually beyond criminal law. It involves two private parties, require a statement about their conflict, such as employment, business deal, neighbors conflict or publishing an article.
    message on the basis of the judgment
    A journalist does not have to be present at the trial. Reading statements require some practice. The whole thing is basically repeated and the judge's ruling appears justified. Basically involves answering the five W's: who, what, where, when and why.

    The council reporter

    work of the council reporter
    He does everything with municipal politics has to do: attend meetings, contact with members of the College of B & W, reading notes, notices to the City Council, minutes and letters from the public. The council reporter is an important source of news for the local paper that readers in the city is important.