Judaism - Hasidic teaching: determination-defunct unit

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Resolve is caused by the unity of body and mind. There are too many contradictions in the soul may never be a goal achieved. One can try to fast, but halfway through one throws the towel down. The idea was to create and then to take up the challenge first unit in the soul. On determination and soul-unit according to the Chassidic teachings. This article is adapted from a chapter from the book "The Way of the man, according to Chassidic teachings" of Martin Buber. Etsel also gives his views.

Resolve ?? soul unit

People who have an indivisible soul can accomplish one piece of their actions. For example, they have no difficulty fasting. But others have a soul full of contradictions which affects their actions. They have the greatest difficulty to fast. They must make special efforts to reach their goal or overcome their temptations. Sometimes it does not and the purpose must be specified to save the soul. From this we learn that a man of his soul must form a unity before a goal can be achieved. However, one must realize that this unity is never final. Even the most harmonious soul experiencing inner difficulties. Nevertheless soul unity leads to greater unification. And this union is so great that playfully contradictions can be overcome.
In addition to the body soul unit must also form a unit. Only when body and mind are one goal can be achieved.

Vision Etsel

The biggest challenge for man to remain sinless. There are few who can tzaddikiem without effort. They are born. They can ignore the bad and focus entirely on the good. Their soul is a complete unit. For most people, however, is not the case. Increasingly, they are challenged to sin again. Only through great effort, it is possible to live without sin. There must be so hard for it to work: many Torah study, much prayer, much charity, etc. This process continues throughout life. However, it will eventually playfully go because the soul unit leads to greater unification. In that case it is still question of quiet wakefulness. We can hereby tzaddikiem as set an example, but we will never be self tzaddikiem. If you are born tzaddiek viz.
Let's take an example of how the challenge of cooking in his work. A young boy of about twelve daily look at programs on the pop channel MTV. It all looks so attractive on the eye. Life is beautiful: lots of music, lots of money and beautiful women. He did not realize that the challenge he can eventually be fatal. His portrayal of women, for example, all cut up. Women are fun toys that are scantily dressed and doing what boys like. At a later age, he is already 17 years old, he falls in love with a nice girl and gets to go out with her. Meanwhile, he has also already met through friends in sex movies. His soul is divided: on the one hand, he realizes that these films cause him harm and he no true love with his girlfriend can develop, on the other hand pull the film him highly and he wants the same way with his girlfriend sex businesses like what he sees in the movies. Its goal is to engage in a genuine loving relationship with his girlfriend eventually fail. She feels that he is not her real love can give and that it is only used by him as a sex object. What seemed so innocent in the beginning, has gone totally out of control. When he goes to seek any help at all is wrong with him in terms of relationships. Unfortunately, this happens to many people. They are not able to enter into loving relationships. Often they do not even know how to do it because they have never learned this. For the Jew is that he can turn to his faith. He can repent by throwing himself on the Torah, prayer, charity, etc. It will be a supreme effort, but with God's help succeed him and he can again experience what true love means. Of course, other faiths do it again according to their own religious rules. Not people of faith may perhaps seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist, but that does not nearly such a big impact as the belief in and worship of God. After all, our soul is united to God and He alone knows what contradictions we encounter in our soul. He is the only one who can free us from sin.