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The Jumbo supermarket chain with hundreds of stores and a billion turnover Jumbo become the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. In order to maintain such a large business running are needed thousands of employees. Working at Jumbo is possible, there are constantly dozens of vacancies. Learn all about working at Jumbo, finding jobs, applying for jobs, content of jobs and the opportunity to do an internship.


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Jobs Jumbo

An overview of all vacancies at Jumbo can be found on the website This website is the job portal that is created by Jumbo in life. The jobs are displayed, click the bar at the top of the page, click 'vacancies'. Jumbo also offers trainees the opportunity to learn within the company. The current training courses are listed in the job description.

Selection vacancies

It is possible to filter out the job according to your wishes. There may selections are made on:
  • Business: eg working in a supermarket, in logistics or at headquarters
  • Department / function: select the type of job you aspire to, for example, sales staff, marketing, branch manager, etc.
  • County
  • Place
  • Number of hours per week
  • Level of education: VMBO, MBO, HBO or WO
  • Years of experience: the number of years experience you have already gained

Jumbo job alerts

If no suitable positions are open, it is possible to be automatically informed of future vacancies through an interesting job alerts. You can specify your preferences and interests, then you will automatically receive a message when a suitable vacancy is being placed on the website. That way you can be sure you'll never miss the desired job.

Jobs Jumbo

The family-owned Jumbo has three pillars, namely the supermarkets, distribution centers and headquarters. In each of these three business units are different types of jobs and functions.
The most famous part of Jumbo course the supermarkets where customers can do shopping. Functions necessary to supermarkets include cashiers, clerks, sales staff, branch managers, sales managers, and so on. The aim of working at a supermarket is to make every day for good products and good service for customers.
To get the stores filled daily with Jumbo products it is necessary that they are well supplied from the distribution centers. There are workers needed for warehouse operations, shipping, inventory, and so on. For the transport of distribution centers to supermarkets needed include truck drivers.
Jumbo's head office is located in the Brabant Veghel. There are two service offices. From its headquarters example, products are purchased and find financial settlements instead. But interpretation is given to devising commercial operations and merchandising. There are for example lawyers, human resources staff, IT staff, etc. employed.


You can apply for one of the vacancies by clicking the vacancy on the button 'Apply'. After that you have the option of filling or upload:
  • Personal information such as name, address, date of birth
  • Availability: days and dayparts
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation

Application procedure

After submitting your application Jumbo will assess this and, if you fit the profile, invite you for an interview. If you do not fit the profile Jumbo will let you know. Depending on the function follow after an initial interview went well even follow-up interviews or assessment.