Keep moving if you want to live longer

Health Zsbee July 25, 2016 0 13
Who wants to healthy aging and some years will add to his life does well to keep moving. Who has a sedentary job and in addition does not move unintentionally shortened his life. Die in Europe twice as many people on too little exercise than obese. With a daily walk around the block turns out we're already on the right track, regularly for a walk or a bike ride made in that area miracles.

Moving prolong our lives

Exercise is good for us. No more than twenty minutes of exercise a day, a walk of about half an hour every day, is enough to add some years to your life. Sitting still is quite deadly, it appears. The major cause of premature mortality is the lack of movement. This is the conclusion Cambridge University came after an extensive investigation into the cause of death 9.2 million people in Europe. Lack of exercise shortens our lives, so much the study makes clear.

Deadlier than overweight

Lack of exercise is even deadlier than overweight. Even obese people who were moving their extended lives. When a changed lifestyle where exercise is included reducing them die prematurely by sixteen percent. People with a healthy weight have even more benefit from a lifestyle where exercise is part of the daily routine. They reduce the risk of premature death by thirty percent.

Get out of the chair

It appears that thin people who do not exercise are less healthy than obese people who daily take a walk. It's no reason to be thick but a recommendation to come out of the chair.
In general, obesity and inactivity go hand in hand. Lack of exercise and fat are often aligned. Inactivity, in thin and thick, caused largely the same diseases as obesity. The risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes are increasing. All obese people are more likely to have type 2 diabetes than thin people. Fat people are more likely to hormonal disorders, stress symptoms, depression, inflammation and reducing resistance. Lack of exercise is also disastrous for our muscles and joints, from the principle rests rust.

Exercise is the watchword

You have to follow a sport training. Even little physical activity, daily walks and regularly do something other than sit on a chair or on the couch makes a big difference. Twenty minutes of exercise a day is not much and it appears essential if you want healthy aging and early death wish for. The reduced physical activity provides tremendous health benefits. At the very least twenty minutes should be actively be a part of our day.


It is important to set achievable goals, Who is asking too much of itself runs the risk that the scheme is not sustainable. Small, achievable physical activity without sacrifice and without too much in there after having to think to fit into our daily schedule. Examples include taking daily walks and bike rides and climbing stairs instead of the elevator.

Standing work

Many people have sedentary jobs. Not for nothing that some editorial boards of newspapers have a small room with some attributes that need supple shoulders and back muscles, so that the editors do not get the curve redacteurenrug. The danger of all of us working at the computer lies in RSI and there are exercises designed to minimize the development of congestion of certain muscle groups. Hours behind the desk for days on a chair, whole weeks before a computer screen, it is disastrous for our condition. A break, a walk in the park during the lunch break a getaway out: it all makes a world of difference.

Resting position

In any case, alternating sitting and standing and walking is best. Avoid sitting for four hours in a row, because then your body basically in a kind of standby. Everything goes slower than when we walk or stand. Therefore, work standing promoted where possible. The body is in that position much more active than sitting. People with office jobs should be no longer than half an hour to sit and then do something else for a change.

Scheduled outage

To interrupt the incumbent work you can turn the timer on your smartphone. After half an hour sedentary job, you can leave ringing an alarm bell and just do something else. You can also hang a post-it in plain sight when you stressed the importance of even trampled. The scheduled outage is a relief for the limbs and back and can work well for the head and concentration. To do something else, just a breath of fresh air and you look at your return at your desk differently matter where you were working on. And you still working on a longer and healthier life also.