Keep the economy class, go to the small business

Miscellaneous stupidfart9876 August 8, 2016 0 0
The Dutch economy is currently still not very good for that. By going to the smaller entrepreneurs rather than to the megacorporations maybe you can lend a hand to the economy in the right direction to help out.


  • Why not at large chains?
  • Why the small business owner?
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The Dutch economy is currently still not accounted for. According to many, it is up to the government or to Europe that it does not go well with the Netherlands. Yet there is also another phenomenon that some people much concern: the Dutchman buys more and more major retailers or online.

Why not at large chains?

What happens if the consumer only at the big chain stores or buy online he probably does not know whether he does not think about it. The money that is spent on these big companies obviously goes in large part to the staff. If this is a shop here in the Netherlands, you can assume that the money that the staff deserve is paid back in the Dutch economy. If this is a shop, it is always open to question where the warehouse is on and that the money you spend will remain so in the Netherlands or go abroad. This also applies to the suppliers where the shopping stores. The major retail purchase soon at the largest suppliers worldwide. This goes back a portion of your money spent around the world but does not stay in the Netherlands. Finally, there is of course the main person behind the company, and at the very large companies may be more than one person. These people already earning tons of money and may well come around. And then there's the question again, in whatever country they live?

Why the small business owner?

As many people may know the small business owners have a hard time. This is because they can ill compete against the bigger chain stores from abroad. What the consumer quickly forgets is that it can buy from a local company really has many advantages. Thus, these people often make much more advice because they are many years in the profession are busy and often even passion for what they sell. These people also know their stuff and thus buy exactly what they have in their store and why. For large chains, it is questionable whether the seller really knows what he is selling you. The entrepreneurs are also often very keen on good service and quality. This means that he is not the consumer with malfunctioning items out the door napping and when there are complaints will generally tidy and be resolved quickly. For complaints and problems than you do so do not call or email to send to central office and possibly things.
Where the money goes that you spend at a smaller trader is of course obvious. That's often the one who you're selling stuff.


When you buy your stuff at a smaller entrepreneur naturally has an effect. The entrepreneur is of course very happy that he had a customer and the money he earned. This money he can use by yourself at times when the economy is not going well and he needs to compete in front of all these mega corporations. The money he earned is of course stopped for a part in his own household and so spent just in the Netherlands. This entrepreneur is another part of the money be any staff pay and go shopping again. These purchases often still go to the wholesalers in the Netherlands, giving even more money stays at home. Maybe this entrepreneur has also earned so much that he once something extra to his shop can renew, which he probably enable a local company because he knows that these people also have difficulties. Again, the money stays so close. And perhaps the most important effect is the fact that the case of this entrepreneur can remain. This saves having to unemployment and this person does not need money from the government in order to save themselves. Also, the long term effect you in ten years still can go to the smaller trader for your belongings and not to the big chain stores must be because the smaller trader no longer exists.